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Lung Abscess

I wondered if anyone could tell me the long term side affects of severe lung abscesses.
I was very ill for a long time some years ago now. I went to so many doctors seeking help and no one could tell me what was wrong. I was very thin, generally unwell. tired all the time and total lack of appetite.I kept getting boils all over my body...I stopped counting at 70 odd.These made me quiet ill when I got them....fever chills etc and I was on antibiotics for as long as I was ill....about 18 months.I was 25 years of age and a mother of two. I did not do any form of drugs and took good care of myself. I then developed pneumonia and was hospitalized only to be released a day later still with no answers as to why I was so ill. It was after the first bout of pneumonia my health went from bad to worse. I developed a dead ache in my right side and total lethargy. Again I visited a doctor he told me I had pulled a muscle?! Not content with this (I was so ill) I sought a second opinion and he ordered a chest X ray. I went in for the results and was told, with my 18 month old daughter sitting on my lap ,I had 5 weeks max to live. I was told I should see a radiologist that I had lung cancer..... there were "tumors" all over my lung. I knew something was wrong when the radiologist came to see me while getting dressed the day before when I had the X ray and asked if I had had a terminal illness and I said no....just pneumonia.Anyway the shock of this was overwhelming and meanwhile my health just continued to spiral in a downward motion.I was sicker then ever and really did feel like I was dying.....I was , just not from cancer.
My family continued looking for answers and help and got another opinion from a doctor who had known us for all of my life. He arranged for me to go to hospital and be seen by a very good lung specialist. By the time I got there I was hours off death from septaceamia,delirious and very very ill. I passed out and woke two days later.He grew sputum and found that the "tumors" were in fact abscesses and were in fact caused by staphylococci auraus (golden staph). The pneumonia was also still there. After a long stay in hospital I on every antibiotic you can think of I was able to come home with a pic line in that fed the antibiotics to my blood via a line into my heart. This was changed every 24 hours by a community nurse. It took a very long time to get well. About 2 years in fact and I don't feel I ever fully recovered. I have had bouts of pneumonia and pleurisy since where I have been hospitalized and treated with drugs such as Gentamicin.   My health now is reasonably good and I am happy to be here but I do suffer from lathergy and lung pain that goes unexplained. The pain can be very sharp and severe at times but most of the time I have this dull nagging ache. Has anyone else had the same illness and can anyone tell me what the long term
effects of such a condition in you lungs can have. Should I be worried about the pain or is it scarring of some sort? The pain and tiredness tent to be worse in humid weather. I also get short of breath and find early hours of the morning my breathing is difficult. Should I be worried about lung disease in the future? What can I do to make my condition better.  
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