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Lung Granulomas

I started coughing up blood clots in May and continued for 1 month. The x-ray and CT scan showed numerous calcified and active Granulomas as well as an old abscess that had burst. I had been ill but ignored symptoms, and they weren't very bad any way.. Numerous calcifications on my spleen and an active growth on my left adrenal gland. The doctor did x-rays, CT Scans, Bronchioscopy, sputum samples, Quantiferon TB Gold, numerous blood tests put me on Flagyl. I was negative for everything inclusing cancer, fungal, NON TB, TB, AIDS, Hepatitis, MONO, and all of the communicible diseases, my white count is a little elevated but not real bad. Just had another CT Scan and the Granulomas are still active. I'm 47, have lost a lot of weight, my cycle stopped at the same time, I have night sweats, small fevers, glandular swelling, but really feel fine. What should I be looking for? I'm concerned that it will never stop.

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