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Lung Nodule Detected


I'm very very worried about a lung nodule that was discovered in my CT scan in 27/sep/2017. The nodule was measuring 2mm. I repeat the CT scan in 5/may/2018 and the nodule is now measuring 4mm. The nodule is solid, non calcified.

The very importante point is: I was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma 2 years ago. I have radioterapy in my neck and some radiation hit my face. My sinusitis crises get very worse after the radiation.

It can be only a fungi or things like that? This infectious or benign things grows too or only metastatic nodules grows?

The point is: The nodule aparently grows to slow for a mestastasis but to fast for a benign neoplasia. I did not know what to think!!

Sorry for my english, I'm brazilian and did not practice it for a long time.

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It is common for patients to have pulmonary nodules detected 0n CT. These are often nonspecific, which means that it can be difficult to determine the cause. For patients without history of cancer, follow-up is based on Fleischner Society guidelines, which takes into account nodule size and appearance, as well as if patient is low risk or high risk for lung cancer (e.g., smoking history). For patients with history of cancer, as in your case, Fleischner Society guidelines do not apply. Instead, follow-up is based on the specific clinical situation and at the discretion of ordering provider.
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