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Lung Nodule found near site of healed broken rib?

Hi- I have a 1cm lung nodule found in November 2020; going in for PET next week after the 3 month wait. It’s located on the very peripheral part of my right lung, very close to a broken rib (#10) from a bad fall I took in June 2018. I’m wondering if I may have also suffered some bruising in the lung from this hard fall resulting in a scar forming and then consequently turning into a lung nodule?  I don’t have the details of solid, calcified, etc. Pulmonologist was comfortable waiting these 3 months and even consulted with the interventional radiologist; they concurred that waiting the 3 months in lieu of a biopsy was preferred. At any rate, does anyone have experience with lung contusion/ bruise/ broken rib and consequent lung nodule??  Thanks for your insight!
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Complications of rib fractures include pneumothorax, hemothorax, and pulmonary contusion/laceration. Without having access to the actual images, it is not possible to determine if you have a pulmonary nodule versus nodular scarring (from prior infection, inflammation, trauma, and/or other insult). Short-term follow-up with CT and/or PET/CT are both reasonable. If the nodule is hypermetabolic on PET/CT, biopsy is warranted to rule out cancer.
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I have read that nodules are not uncommon and are often just a sign of past trauma.  Have you followed up with your doctor yet?
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