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Lung Nodule possibly fungal infection??

Hi. I have a 2cm lung nodule (05cm 2 yrs ago).Bronchoscopy report says:There is a piece showing squamous metaplasia with inflammation and slight atypia, the underlying submucosa with chronic inflammation,no tumor identified..but didn't get samples from the actual nodule.Sputum & blood tests show nothing.I have advanced bullous emphysema,had TB as child (lower right lung),family history of COPD & TB..NO family history of lung cancer.Age 55,102 lbs,5' 4".Surgical biopsy not an option.History of Lorazepam addiction,history of ear fungus,sister w Allergic Fungal Sinusitis,other sister w COPD & MAC infection they thought was cancer but wasn't.I smoke,don't drink alcohol.I live in Iowa,2 people here blind from histoplasmosis.I feed birds,played in chicken coop,haymows as child.6 months ago found hugh wall of mold behind wall panelling by leaky window AC,had 3 months severe asthma-like attacks before mold was found.Fev1 went from 44% to 29% but asthma-like attacks rare now & way milder.Sputum clear to tan color w larger brown spots,teeny black specks.

Description of nodule:small irregular,parenchymal mass,posterior aspect of left upper midlung.No other nodules. No infiltrates or effusions. No hilar or mediastinal mass or adenopathy.Nodule is low density soft tissue.Is not cavitated. No calcium.No hepatic metastatic disease identified,adrenal glands normal in size and appearance.Trachea and carina appear normal.Spiculation but pulmo says w COPD that's not important.Large bullae directly above nodule,read that can cause triangle shaped pseudomass..this nodule is triangular.Thanks.
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I realize this is an old thread but I was searching under "fungal" and this came up.

This is amazing.  I had histoplasmosis when I was 36 years old.  I too played in my father's pidgeon coop as a child.  Don't know why I got this later in life, but there it is.  My whole family smoked and did not care that they smoked with me in the room.  I have never smoked but was exposed to it for 19 years and then every time I visited them.  Now, at age 52 I have suffered since Aug 2003 from what ended up being a sinus infection.  But, the sinus infection was not diagnosed until later.  It started with a hoarse voice, then I developed a cough.  Later I got full blown cold "flare ups" at work.  (stuffy nose, severe congestion).  There was mold at work.  I developed asthma in August 2004 as a result (supposedly) of this sinus infection.  I had sinus surgery in July and nothing is better.  This is a living hell.  I am going to Mayo clinic Jan 13th to see if their new research on the sinus treatment as a fungal disease might apply to me.  I have corresponded with one other person who had tremendous relief with their treatment.  I can only hope.  Good luck to you.  I say this country has spent enough research money on aids, let's spend some research money on sinusitis.  Our quality of life is horrible and there is no way to avoid it.
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I am 30 yrs old last april due to some pain in my chest I was found to have a solitary lung nodule cavitary, it is 2.4 cm. 2 tests for Valley fever were negative and I had a biopsy which was also negative for fungal infections but was undiagnostic as to what was wrong. I had a pet scan which showed a mild uptake. The only change in the nodule has been it is now showing an attachment to the lung wall. I have had all togather 4 valley fever test that were negative and a sputum test which was also negative. I have been having some blood in my cough but the cough is normal for me as I have asthma. I am suppose to have surgery to remove the nodule in the next week but am confused. Can all 4 test be negative for Valley fever including the biopsy and sputum and still have it? I am told due to my age it is very unlikely it is cancer so why are they concerned enough to remove it?
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Hi mym mum has had chest ct scan which one reports says there is a 14mm lesion and another says 2cm lesion..the doctor says it is most possible lung cancer and surgery would be best..we have since had a report saying that there there maybe involvement with 8mm pretracheal lymph node and 8mm hilar lymph node so surgery may not be possible..she goes for a PET scan on 23rd Jan but has not had a broncospohy not sure why..does this mean that the tumour has spread to lymph nodes? really worried and confused
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