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Lung Nodules?

I had 10 noncalcified pulmonary nodules from 3-7mm show on a CT scan for something unrelated in Nov 08 when these were found. Since, CT scans revealed 2 more nodules in June 09 and now a whopping 15 nodules 3-7mm in size on my recent scan a week ago. Anyone have a take on what could be causing these? I am 32, non-smoker as of 6-09 and smoked for 23 yrs, since I was 9. the 3 newest nodules have come after I quit smoking. Drs tell me not to worry, yet cannot tell me the cause of these nodules or even what they are......Any suggestions? Im going crazy wondering.....

Thanks in advance!
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Nicole I am no doctor - but I have done lots of research on Nodules - from what I have read - most lung nodules are benign.  I would not worry - sounds like you doctor is right - beneign lung nodules - I also have many scattered nodules - and if these were going to kills me - I should be dead by now..........mine are also up to 7mm .... small nodules are almost always benign..........stop worrying and enjoy your life.  Life is precious - we need to enjoy what we have ........good tidings - You are fine.........e-mail a response ......please. Julie
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ps my nodules are exactly the same size as yours  3- 7 mm.

How are you doing? Julie :)
I am still doing well. Most of my nodules are gone. I have one 5 mm in my right lower lung, which hasn't changed since last year.  Been going through this for the last 10 years!
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Im okay...they just keep multiplying, i have 6 ribs that have been broken since 2004, (nonunions, refuse to heal) and my clavicle is plated and the bone just rebroke as well. I can bend down to tie my shoes and break a rib. Its just depressing I suppose. I hurt every day and its increasing....I feel like i am going downhill....,these nodules just put the icing on the cake for me. Keep me up to date w/urs and Il do the same. I wouldnt worry if I hadnt smoked for 23 yrs (started at 9), but I did quit this june. i am, however, hopeful despite my depressing writing...writing is a release for me. Thanks for ur responses...:)
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I understand completely where you are coming from. I am a melanoma patient (in remission 4 1/2 years now - first diagnosed at 22 years old). A couple of years ago they found lung nodules during a CT to check for a hernia. I have several of them mostly on the r lung I believe and mine actually ranges from small enough not to be sure if dangerous or not by pet scan to 9mm. They believe that it is nothing just normal nodules that many people get from a common type of bacteria in soil in some places, bird poo in others, etc. However I still have to continue with checks for all. Just had another skin biopsy three weeks ago and came back pre-cancerous (lentiginous junctional nevi with architechural disorder, moderate cytologic atypia (dysplastic nevus) according to shave biopsy. I hope that our Doctors are correct and these are nothing but I know how it feels to have to worry about it too. Good luck to both who post on here and God Bless!!!
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Glad your nodules are ok - yes there a many many reasons other than cancer for nodules.  And I had read somewhere if you took a bus load of people and did a CT Scan on them - lots would have lung nodules!  But it doesn't ease the fear - I had a repeat CT yesterday - going to the doctor tomorrow for the results........... I haven't slept well since these darn nodules were discovered during a CT for other reasons.

I hope all of us are ok and just have benign nodules........Hugs, Julie........
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Nicole so sorry to hear about your ribs - what is causing this to happen to you?  I broke a rib a long time ago and it is very painful.  What has the doctor told you about it?

Also are you scheduled for any more CT Scans to check your nodules - what are probably benign.?

Hope all is well with you.

Take care
Julie in So CALIF
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Just came back from the doctor - got a copy of my CT Scan NO CHANGES since my last Scan in May 2009.  That is such great news for me - takes a load off me.  I have been very anxious for the past several months.

How are you doing?  

Hugs, Julie
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Hey guys! Sorry for the delay- My next scan is in feb-my ribs broke the first time when I was ejected from a hardtop Jeep wrangler in 2004-and yes-wearing a seatbelt! The DRs are convinced I have either unrelated autoimmune dis or some type of cancer bc the same ribs break for no reason, if they broke in same places, it would make sense. My body also doesnt hold VItD, therefore not consuming calcium like it should. My vitD level was 17 then after taking supplements, it dropped to 16...strange, i know! thanks for all the comments and ill keep in better touch-its just that for so long noone responded! :)

Good Luck to all!
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don't smoke - and yes nodules are usually no big deal especially if they are very tiny.  And yes/me like you - I have had panic/anxiety attacks since I was approximatley 25 years old.......probably the start of emphysema - told it was anxiety attacks - had a stress test - heart is in good shape - but heart doctors didn't tell me why I was out of breath on the tread mill - or even mention that I should see a respiratory specialist.

Oh well - sometimes we have to be our down doctors.

Please give up the cigarette.        Hugs
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Have you found out anything new about your nodules?  I found out this last week that I have 11 nodules (noncalcified)  from what I understand I wish they were calcified.  It was recommended to me that I have another CT in 2 months to see if any new nodules appear or if the ones that are there grow.

At this point they are too small to do a biopsy on, but they have found a large mass in my neck.  I guess I will take it one step at a time and have the mass removed, they will know if it is cancerous or not and then I will have a better idea of whether or not the nodules in my lungs are metastatic.  I actually think to sit and wait the 2 months to have a new scan is just gutt rentching, the anxiety!

When do they plan to do another scan on you?  If I understand  correctly they do the second scan 2-3 months after the first and then double that time to a 6 month and then 12 month and then a 2 year.  This is if all is clear, and nothing to worry about.  

I haven't seen a post on here from you for awhile so if you have any new information I would be interested.  I hope you are doing well, and it is none of my business but I hope you are able to stop the smoking.  I know it must be hard.  
Good luck to you.
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HI! Im ok for now, next scan in Feb, I will DEFINATELY update :)
Last scan showed more nodules and Drs dont seem too worried but I am. Just this week, Its been impossible for me to get out of bed some days. I have some bone issues as well and sometimes these lil nodules worry me on days like these. How are YOU? Thanks for the reply, by the way!

oh yeah-quit smoking June 23rd :D
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my doctor refered me for an ultrasound to rule out some abdominal problem & incidentally they found 2 (tiny) non-calcified nodules (2&6mm). He ordered a CT scan, which I took on Monday & they did see those nodules, but they also identified a 13mm non-calcified, groundglass nodule!!! Because of this, my provider told me today that he has scheduled me for a PET Scan. I will get the date/time tomorrow...I am so nervous! I used to smoke (less then a pack a day), but quit when I got pregnant (in 81), my husband continued to smoke for years afterward (I finally nagged him into quiting about 7 yrs ago). So, here I am freaking out because not only do I have those nodules, I also have incredible off/on bone pain (arthritis?), headaches (everybody does?), off/on low grade fever (cold I can't shake?), total exhaustion (working too much?), I also have this  off/on hacking cough (my asthma?) & off/on hoarseness to the point where I lose my voice for a bit, then it goes back to normal! So, I'm pretty much freakn out...
Just needed to vent! Life still goes on while I wait for the verdict...chores need to be done, work to be completed, bills need to be paid. I found out that just because my world is off balance right now, I mean totally out of whack it does not mean that the world as a whole stops!!!

Thanks for listening,
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Please, vent away! I found out about my nodules back in June and still not a second passes without the fear worry and confusion. My next scan is in Feb (last one in Sept) and mine have to grow 3mm before they will PET or biopsy. So, if anyone understands the need to vent-its me. If it will help you, click on my homepage here and read some of my public journal....I think it may help you to read mine and start one of ur own as well...urs doesnt have to public, u pick the settings but I definately feel its been an asset to my own sanity. ;)

Please keep me updated on ur progress and findings as will I as well and dont hesitate to ask questions or share ur venting/anger/sadness/etc here.....I check my posts daily hoping someone w a similar situation can shed some light on my own situation but I hardly got any responses and most werent quite what I was looking for anyway until urs....Finally someone else who realizes we have the right to be fearful and feel overwhelmed as many do not feel this way and think Im overreacting w my emotions. Well, put them in our shoes and see  how they would feel, right?

:) I hope with all my heart the findings are harmless but regardless of what happens, ur feelings fears and emotions are not only justified, but normal allowed and acceptable. Dont  let anyone tell u otherwise.....

I hope u keep in touch...
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Glad I'm not the only one that has anxiety about this.  My appt with a pulmonologist is Wed the 27th.  I was diagnosed with a 16mm non calcified nodule which was found in a CT Scan.  After reading up on this, I am assuming I will need a PET?  But my question to you, is do you have any pain?  Because as I starting to recall, I have had a dull ache for such a long time that I just took for granted thinking it was soreness, and just aches and pains...(I'm 56) I'm of average fit. I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis years ago, smoked socially back in the 80's only with drinks and I was a mild drinker. But I am feeling that dull ache stronger and constant.  Any clues?.. just wondering...since I'm fighting anxiety attacks until I see the specialist....  Thanks for hearing me out!!!
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Well your 16 mm nodule is probably nothing but old scar tissue - but I agree with you the anxiety awaiting for the results is just terrible!!!  Most of these nodules are NOT cancerous........ but just the thought about the test is enough to cause a panic attack!  Don't understand what type of pain your having - be a bit more specific.  Where is your dull pain?  Yes - technically - you can have a PET scan when your nodule is 16 mm - any nodule over 9 mm is a candidate for a PET scan and the PET scan is probably the best test to tell your that your OK - but take a deep breath and don't worry - especially since your are now a non- smoker. Ask them for the results ASAP.... so you don't keep worrying! And please let me know what the pulmonologist tells you on Wednesday.  Hope all turns out great for you.  Keep me updated. Julie In So Calif. :)

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Hi! Im actually awaiting my results of my scan from Fri. I will know of any progress/regression tom by lunch. That 16mm nodule is def something to be concerned with. I have no pain, but being on high dose pain meds since 2004, I may not really know if I do have pain since my rib/chest area always hurts from my nonunion ribs/transverse process that never/wont heal from my wreck back in 2004. Please keep me updated on ur results. I would def ask for the pet scan and possible biopsy. From what my DRs tell me, old scars calcify , hence the concern for NONcalcified nodules. Most calcified nodules are harmless, very few are cancerous but NONcalcified are to be concerned with. Also, having one nodule instead of many also raises some concern. Ill report back tom, and hope you fill me in w ur progress too......A good support system from those in similar situation sure goes a long way when everyone else tells you "not to worry"....they dont understand bc its not them. I DO understand, and we have every  right to be worried. I wish you ALL the luck in this world and will def say a prayer for you!!!! I was never a pray-er until i got my nodules...I mean I was, but not REALLY, lol....I guess its worth a shot, eh? ;) seriously tho....you will be in my thoughts and hope you keep in touch often! :)
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I appreciate finding this thread.  My fiance was in the ER a few weeks ago with kidney stones and when they did a CT also found some nodules on his lungs which at the time the ER doc said were inflammatory in nature.  A week and a half later he was back in the ER due to problems with the kidney stent they put in after the stones were removed and another CT was done and the nodules were obviously still present, this time the ER dr said they were not inflammatory in nature.  Needless to say we are pretty freaked out.  He is 32 years old and has never smoked, he has ulcerative colitis and aside from his recent kidney stones has not had any other issues.  He has an appointment with a pulmonologist this coming Thursday and we have no idea what to expect.  The ER was very vague in terms of how many nodules there are and what sizes they are so we are hoping to get some answers on Thursday.  I will be keeping my fingers crossed for him as well as all of you.  Its a very scary thing to go through and its sometimes comforting to know you're not alone.
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Wow, I can't believe there are so many of us just hanging out in limbo, waiting and waiting for answers! I had a scan in October 2009, they found 2 non-calcified nodules, was re-checked in early Feb, now there are 8, but the original two have not changed. Went to a pulmonologist last week, told me that even a .08mm could be bipsied, but he also told me that there was a 50% chance of lung collapse with those biopsies. So I will have another ct scan the end of April, get the results early May, and that seems like an eternity to wait that long. Some of you have mentioned 6mm 12mm nodules, but I am still trying to figure out how big a mm is? He also told me that they would show up on a PET scan even if they are not that big. I have like .06mm, .08mm, .05mm so can anyone tell me how that works? if the .08mm get's to be .10mm is that just still like a tenth of a 1mm???? Will check back regualarly to see how everyone is doing. V
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Wow! I am so lucky I found this forum. I just found out yesterday that I have up to 8 nodules, from 'granulomas' to 8mm. One, I am pretty sure is my calcified TB that I had years ago (and didn't know I had), but the others are pretty worrisome. I was diagnosed in the ER as well, and I am waiting for my doctor to call me. He'll probably do that after I leave the office, of course.

The waiting is excrutiating. It's hard not to worry about this.
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Hey - I just found this forum - and I too feel better knowing I am not the only one.  I was at the hospital getting a CT scan done for a different problem and they came across 2 nodules - 3mm and 5mm.  I had to wait 6 months to get them checked again (felt like an eternity), but received my results back on Monday - they found "several" (which the doc is guessing around 10 total) more and now she is sending me to a pulmonologist.  They cannot get me in until April 15th (OVER A MONTH AWAY!)  I am a mess.  I smoked for 6 1/2 years but quit almost the instant they found a nodule... so almost 6 months smoke free! I am so nervous and I feel the doctor and radiologist do not think twice about it and they make me feel stupid for worrying.  I am recently married and we want to start a family, but I feel I need to postpone our plans due to CT scans every couple months...  

I would love to see everyone's updates and I will update with what I find out after the pulmonologist!
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I am 49.
I have had on going health problems this past 2 years. I have had a issue with back problems since my 20's. But in Oct 09 I was diaignose with what I was told is a ruptured disk.(lower spine) I had to have a series of eperdal injections. I improved at least 80%.

Now for the most part beyond commom colds and flu,ive been healthy. I started 3 years ago getting mild night sweats occasionly 1 or 2xs a month,if even that.  with no other menopausal symptoms.
After my last eperdoral injection (which is steriods) the night sweats became worse and during the day also.and almost daily. My periods always regular and never missed one since pregnant  with my son at 20 yrs. and I missed 2 in a row.Jan and Feb. it returned this month.

But last month I went to the ER for upper back pain thinking kidney stones, They took catscan and said no stones,but they did see a few nodules om my lungs,and wanted to repeat the scans with dye. The ER Doc told me and my boyfriend ,they were nothing and I was fine and to go home and enjoy the weekend. Not even the mention of a follow up. But im bipolar and prone to anixety attacks. So I decided to go for a second opinion. So I did, and my regular Doc said she read the hospital results and there was alot of stuff wrote on them about even the posibility of needing a PETscan.and then it was wrote under it "if thought nessecery. Nothing else but what the ER Doc said was ever relayed to me.He sent me home assuring me Iwas fine. Now my regular Doc said she was concerned with the findings, but she could not say what they were intil further testing. She said she was sending me to a Lung Specialist. So I got the call today with the apointment set up for Wensday, and the nurse stressed it was very important I keep and make that apointment. So now I sit here in a stressed panic, thinking the worst...because of the way the nurse said that. The only issues I have atm I have lost about 35 to 40 pounds since like August or Sept due to back pain and not being able to stand up and cook or eve nmake a sandwhich, I have been living on slimfast drinks, yougurt, and salads since Oct. and I have the night sweats or hot flashes whatever you call them. and the 2 missed periods. I do beleive I did have a diaignoses of some form of Arthritis.....So now my Doc said she is concerned about the weight loss and the night sweats that at first she thought was menopausal.

And all I know is the nodules are suposedly somewhere in the middle of my lungs right side. I know this is long....but im scared...about how it could go from being nothing from what the ER Doc said.....to its very important I dont miss the apointment with the Lung specialist on wens.

Extremely panicked here in Ohio
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please be checked for complications of histoplasmosis  you will see nodules on xray you need a high resoultion CT scan and a cardiac MRI to show all involement .
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Hi people...so glad to find this site. Had ct scan last week for diverticulitis, which turned out just inflamed and not infected. Of course, they find something else. A 5mm nodule lower right, non calcified. Had a new Ct scan today...Dr. called tonight, said I have 3 nodules in right lung...two are 4mm and one 5mm, all non calcified. I'm 43, never smoked, but lived with HEAVY smokers first 20 years of life. My husband smokes, outside, but have always worried about his second hand smoke, we've been together for 7years. I did have bronchial asthma...many many times  in my 20's and 30's, and took inhalers daily. But last 7 years haven't needed them at all. Dr. is genuine, knowing I'm stressed and he calls to check on me, always saying to stop worrying. It is difficult. Wants another scan in 9mo. Thanks for forum...nice to put down my thoughts! Best wishes to all.Kim
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Update of nodules! After reading everyones information, I put on a post that my nodules were .08 mm, but when I looked at my scan results and read them again it has in there are several nodules from .05 to .08 cm? Now I am confused as to what size they are? Does anyone out there who can tell me what the difference is between the .08 cm compared to a mm? Thanks Vivian
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