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Lung Nodules

Just found this forum.  I had Pneumonia in my upper left lobe in January 2017 and had several xrays showing spots then started having Asthma attacks in my left lung 6 this year the most recent was on October 4th, and I had a reaction to high mold count from Mid July to Mid October this year,  I was put on Breo by my family doctor after an asthma attack in august.  It helped keep my windpipe from having spasms but I had alot of pain in my left lung which lasted for 7 days.  I had a CT scan which found several pulmonary nodules with no consultative infiltrate.  I was referred to a pulmonologist for further tests had a bronchoscopy which really didn't show anything.  So I had a PET scan which showed several nodules some being calcified with alot of metabolic activity, several are also large and very active(Note I came down with the 24 hour flu on Saturday evening 11-16)a subpleural  index node in my right upper lobe was 1cm with a max SUV of 3.6 and and multiple non enlarged nodes several of which are partially calcified in my mediastinum and an index node of  of 1.6cm with a max SUV of 3.5.  I knew of someone who had the same problem with nodules that were hyperactive from an immune condition and went into remission for approximately 9 months then the hyperactivity resumed and he passed from fibrosis in 2-2.5 years.  that scared me I'm too young for fibrosis. But I'm having another CT scan in January and see the Pulmonologist again.  Mine are more than likely immune related too, a timebomb, I'm prepared for the worse.  I hope they calm down.  I also have Thombocytopenia, low blood platelets, autoimmune.  I'm going ask my pulmonologist how many there are and what sizes they are.  It keeps me awake nights.
Update I have an appointment on Nov. 26th for my Vocal Cord inflammation.  The 24 hour flu I came down with Saturday probably started in San Francisco at the airport waiting to fly back to Michigan, on September 23rd. I have been coming down with this for. 2 months on top of allergies and an asthma attack on the 4th of October.   I turned this over to God, I suspect it’s immune related waiting until January 24th for confirmation from the Pulmonologist after a CT scan the same morning and possibly biopsies.  Please keep saying prayers. Thanks
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SUV (standardized uptake value) is a semiquantitative measure of metabolic activity on PET (positron emission tomography). For pulmonary nodules, SUV max of 2.5 has traditionally been used as a rough cutoff to differentiate between benign and malignant nodules, but this is not cut and dry, as there can be overlap as well as confounding factors (e.g., image noise, low image resolution, and variable user-biased region of interest (ROI) selection, as well as patient sugar/glucose levels). It is important to note that many infectious and inflammatory processes can also have high SUV, as is being considered in your case. Depending on your doctor's level of suspicion, this may warrant close interval follow-up and/or biopsy. Keep us posted on how everything turns out. Hoping for the best!
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