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Lung Scars

Last year I had a CT Scan to check my heart because of chest pain and shortness of breath.  My GP discovered small lung scars and scheduled me to have CT Scans every six months to make sure they stayed the same and steroid shots for the next six months (until my second CT Scan showed no change in the lung scars).  I haven't completed the second six month session so have not had a third CT Scan.

I have had Asthma for the last three years and during this same time have been having bronchitis four or five times a year.

  However, last month I went to bed one night, started having chest pains in the night and then coughing up a bloody flem.  I went into the doctors office the next morning, had a chest X-Ray and was diagnoised with pneumonia (for the first time in my life).

Can the lung scars have made me more apt to get pneumonia?  And, why after all the steriods and new asthma inhalers, am I slowly getting more "breathless"?

Should I be seeing a pulmonary doctor?
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