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Multiple Lung Nodules

I was told I have multiple nodules when I visited a pulmorary doctor. The largest nodule is 4m, what is my next step? I am overwhelmed by all of this.
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I'm brand new on Med Help.  In fact, this is my first post.  You should get some help from some older group members more familiar with this forum.  What I can tell you is that I have COPD and Sarcoidosis.  When I had a CT Scan and then a PET Scan done, that was when the Pulmonary doctor found nodules on my lungs.   They did 2 needle biospys on the nodules.  That is how they discovered that I had Sarcoidosis.  Although, I certainly didn't want another disease to deal with besides COPD... it was a blessing in disguise because I finally found out what and why I have been so sick for so many years.  Sarcoidosis causes nodules to form on any organ of the body, but usually in the lungs.  It can be treated or disappear on it's own, if it is in the beginning stages.  Or, it can be like mine... in the late stages having already caused a lot of scarring to my lungs... which isn't good.  Right now, I have several nodules they are watching on my lungs and I have 2 nodules they are watching on my thyroid.  That would be one "answer" for what the nodules could be.  Your doctor will have to do tests to discover what kind of nodules you have.  A "needle" biopsy would give him the answer.  It's simple, out-patient hospital type, with really no pain involved.  I hope someone else gives you input on this subject.   I hope this helped some.  Look up Sarcoidosis and see if you have any of the symtoms... that would give you questions to ask your doctor.  Hopefully they are just simple nodules that will disappear with time.  
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Thank you for replying.. Once I read your mail I began looking into it and I will keep you posted thank you again.:)
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I am new here too.  I have recently had the needle biopsy done as I have COPD & nodules too. So far we know it isn't cancer, TB, or a bacterial infection such as Mercer or Staff.  We are still waithing on the last test result that will tell us what kind (I hop) of infection I do have. I have to have CT scans done every 3 - 6 month to check to see if anything changes.  Hope you get good news.
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