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It stated out as only a slight cough a few days before Thanksgiving 2016.  By Thanksgiving the caugh was nagging and painful it cleared that weekend to a caught that produced sputum which was yellow, brown in color and I was feeling tired with a low grade fever of 99 to 100 for 2 days.  O that Monday, I saw a nurse practitioner, who diagnosed Bronchitis, recommended rest, fluids and some over the counter meds to thin the mucus and reduce the inflammation of the bronchial tubes.  I was home form work one day and not improving significantly, but I did not worsen or develop any of the warning symptoms the nurse practitioner had red flagged, the fever did eventually brake over a few days but now I was tired and wheezing at night,  so on the following Monday (now 11 or 12 days if being sick) I went to the clinic (not my GP) to see a Dr who examined me an confirmed acute bronchitis.  He did an Abuterol treatment in his office with steam and then ordered a chest x-ray.  He confirmed there was no Pneumonia with a Radiologist and prescribed a regimen of antibiotics but advise home not to take them and sent me home with the same instructions as the Nurse practitioner.  He added that he felt the condition to be viral and that if I didn’t improve within 3 to 5 days to come back, that Saturday now 17 days from the original cough, I developed the fever again with chills I decided to start the antibiotics as I was away for the weekend within 48 hours I was feeling better and within 5 days at the end of the treatment I was back to 70% of normal. I believe my condition was bacteriological.  My cough eventfully disappeared after a month but I still could still produce now clear sputum with congestion for another 2 weeks before all my symptoms disappeared.  I have to say this was the sickest I have ever felt as an adult and the most pressing system was how exhausted I was  for over a month In total I had a full 5 to 6 weeks of symptoms.

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