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My experience with Nasal Polyps. Surgery? Indeed.

I was reading some of your questions and i just wanna tell you about my experience. I'm only 16 at the moment but my Nasal Polyps rule my life. I've had numerous steroids, nasal sprays and well nothing worked. I had my adenoids removed when i was young and now an operation every two years is what i face. I couldn't breathe through my nose, coughed up continuous phlegm and headaches left, right and centre. I couldn't even blow my nose without my ears popping painfully or a splitting headache erupting.

And well.. surgery has been the only way forward, and for those who fear it believe me, it's not nice but blimey, it doesn't half make a difference. I had a Polypectomy and also my surgeon drilled a few holes in attempt to release pressure and fluid.

I've had two operations so far (Two years in a row) and last september the polyps hadn't grown back large enough for an operatoin to be needed. And now? Well, i wish i'd gotten him to do it anyway. My nose is running, my head is aching, every minute i cough, usually with phlegm, and i basically feel terrible.

So to be honest, in my opinion, surgery has been a success, even if my polyps do grow back in 6months time.

"Don't fear it. Just do it."  That's my motto.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my experience.
Katie xx
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I also have had 3 sinus surgeries, the first one the ENT drilled through my upper lip, the second  1 year later he drilled through my eye brow, and the 3rd 2 years after that he didnt have to drill just cleaned up. You are right it is a nasty surgery, but well worth it. I still have some trouble, but not as bad, i have been on all sorts of meds. like flonase, saline spray, asthma sprays, steroid meds, as well as a nasal rinse machine which didnt work so well for me!! you name it ive tried it..... the meds are all controlling it for now...
    so "go for it" and good luck.
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I suffered for years with same thing and eventually went to a good ENT specialist. He performed surgery to remove polyps, straighten septum and punch drain hole in large sinus cavity so it could drain properly. The surgery was magic, I never even had to carry a tissue with me once it had healed and there was nothing to cough up. About two years later I started experiencing similar dreaded nasal/sinus pain and didn't hesitate to go in for more "tune up" surgery, where the specialist said he didn't really have to do much. I suffered the 'sinus' pain for about another year until i worked out what the cause was. I was on an asthma spray that caused it so now i am on something else and enjoying life to the fullest after my nasal surgery that amazingly changed my life from that moment on.
I would advise it to anyone....why suffer??
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