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Mycoplasma Pneumonia - Confusing Remaining Symptoms!!!

I contracted Mycoplasma Pneumonia last October02 . any way I started having severe upper respiratory symptoms, fatigue, headache, dizziness, earache, , muscle twitches, coughing with a wheeze , brown phlegm, diorhea, vomiting, tummy pain, Lost 16kg, hair loss, skin itchiness and red bumps, temp & cold shakes, sleepiness  but the worst of all was shortness of breath, chest tightness and pain. The chest pain started with a congested, lumpy, pressurefull pain on the right upper quadrant of chest.  Its now 11 months and I still have symptom Im 28 yrs old f. October 2002 I received a flu vaccination at work for first time.  In November I presented all the above symptoms!  I have seen many doctors (one which finally diagnosed the M.Pneumonia in March03 and gave treatment with Clarithrromcyn for 3 months, this helped .  I wa sput on a cupple of inhalors both didnt help!!this takes me to July 03.  Its now Sept 03 And I still have reaming chest pain, tiredness, muscle twitches, lots of phlegm production, fuzzy mind and intermitten bouts of worm body feeling but with severe cold shakes (almost feverish but body temp is around 35.4 to 36.7 degress) headaches, nasal congestion, severe chest pain it feels like something is grabbing my chest and pinching it the pain is now felt on the RHS and LHS as well as under my breasts
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What a frustrating situation!  You have certainly had a very thorough evaluation.  The treatment that you received is very appropriate for the Mycoplasma pneumonia (M pneumonia) infection.  Almost always this is a short-term illness that goes away without any lasting effects.

Sometimes M pneumoniae can be in the airways of the lungs without causing a lung infection.  In this situation it is colonizing not infecting the lungs.  This colonization of the airways of the lungs has been associated with asthma but not with an ongoing multi-system problem like you have described.  It is highly likely that the M pneumonia has nothing to do with your ongoing problem.  Your symptoms could be due to an infection from a different germ or a non-infectious connective tissue disease or rheumatoid problem.

Either an infectious disease doctor or a rheumatologist, who is familiar with connective tissue disease as it relates to an autoimmune disorder, would have the skills to sort all this out.  Generally this type of specialist can be found at a university medical center.
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