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Nasal Odor & Deviated Septum?

My family has been telling me that there is a terrible oder coming from my nose, nearly all the time, sometimes its so bad that they smell it just sitting in the car with me! No one else has told me this but I think thats just people not wanting to comment. However I can never smell the odor myself. I do have a "stuffed nose" often, but this is usually pre/post a cold, so I'm not sure if thats really the issue. I did go to a doctor and he said I have a deviated Septum, and this may be whats causing the odor. However I hardly ever have trouble breathing, again unless I'm sick, i do snore but it does not keep me up at night.

My questions are:
Is this true? Could a deviated septum be the cause of this odor?
Will corrective surgery help? Is it the only option?

I'm going for a second opinion today and will post once I hear the results. But would love to hear what the Medical minds here think as well.
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I would get a neti-pot from walmart and irrigate your sinuses, this could cure the Odor, they are cheap and easy to use. I love mine! Hope this helps. DO the easiest things first to help yourself.
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will not cure the odor, but good for letting the mucous drain away the impurities. the cause is a fungal infection. probably caused by too much, bad bacteria in your bowels. http://www.***************.com/candidiasis.htm this may not be the proper infection, but the cure is all the same.
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