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Need response-short of breath w/o exercising

HELP.  This problem has come and gone for a couple/three years now.  I get short of breathe for no reason whatsoever when I'm standing, generally standing still.  I also notice it's better if I sit or lay down.  I've taken my bp while standing and feeling this way and it's the same as sitting.  I've also seen a doctor and had heart workups/EKG/Stress test, holter monitor, nothing found, except for occasional skipped beats which at my age, 43, they say is common.  I've had those asthma tests where you blow in and they test your results.  When I had the feeling, I had one at home and was able to breathe great results, so I'm doubting asthma as are the doctors.  I can breathe deep  if I need to when I feel this way.    

I'm curious, I had a short exposure to a large amount of ammonia from my work plant 3 years ago.  It was outside & they blew out the ammonia that was in the plant out into the air to disperse in the outside air.  I've been told by their experts that it is safe.  I was in the parking lot and the wind was blowing at me and it hit me like a ton of bricks (you had to hold you breath it was so strong), I quickly jumped into a car for safety.  An environmental dr didn't have a sureness it was related.

I also get occasionally acid reflux, can that cause shortness of breath?  I can exercise like crazy and never get this breathing issue. This is getting scary because I start to get anxious when it comes on because I don't know how bad it's going to feel or if I should finally just check myself in someplace to get a really good diagnosis...even though I've been to several doctors.  
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You state:  "I can exercise like crazy and never get this breathing issue."  This suggests normal lung function, despite the ammonia exposure.  You could have one of the following:  panic attacks, vocal cord dysfunction or the hyperventilation syndrome.  Check with your doctor on this.
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