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New VCD diagnoses

I ws recently diagnosed with VCD.  I have had asthma most of my life and it seemed nothing woeked to get rid of the wheeze.  In addition to my regular asthma control meds, antibiotics, and Prednisone.  Between my allergist (sinus and asthma) and pulmonologist they came up with VCD.  Pulmonary said ativan was usefu, plus a speech therapist'.  Looking back over my life I know that I have the habit of holding my breath when I get in a stressful situation.  I'm hoping the speech therapist willl help me regulate my breathing.  

I'm just wondering if there is anything else I should be doing?  My throat is sore, my voice soft and hoarse.  On top of that, my lungs are also wheezy.  

What type of practical things can I do to help relieve this?  How do other people use the ativan, if you do? Should I try to keep my throat moist?  No singing?  Covering my neck when it is cold out? Not yelling? My thanks to all who respond. I appreciate the feedback.

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Hi there
  First of all know that you are not alone.  I have been going thru something similar for the past 11 months.  I have been diagnosed with a hiatis hernia which probably gives me reflux, sinus problems and post nasal drip. I started getting tightening of the throat, and wheezing and started hitting the ERs last feb. and having been running from Dr to Dr ever since.  tha last dr tested me for asthma and told me the wheezing i was having was in fact not asthma at all but VCD or Paradoxical vocal folds, he sent me to an ent who told me and i quote "yes you have red and inflamed and thickened vocal chords your voice is hoarse and you are wheezing, but unless i see you having an attack i cannot agree" which is ver frustrating because if i'm not wheezing from the lungs then where else am i wheezing from, anyhow going on the assumption, that it is VCD, i went to see a voice therapist, i don't know how it work where your from but here in Mtl they don't know too much about VCD and don't have enough specialist so u see the voice therapist once she gives u the excersises and then your're on your own.  Next i was told to drink plenty of water to help hydrade the vocal chords and to try relaxing excersises such as yoga,  Also pursing your lips and drawing in a short breath thru your nose and releasing it thu your lips also helps, google Vocal chord dysfunction and Carol Sidofsky's account of  her experiences and remedies it might help, me i'm still looking for the right diagnosis.  but i wish you luck
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