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Nocturnal low blood oxygen

Hi, After having pneumonia 6 mos.ago,  I have been using oxygen at night .During the day the levels are in the 90s, but the last overnight oximeter test showed a sudden drop to the mid to low 70s  on two occasions. 4AM and 6AM .. I don't know how long this lasted (I have the graph, but can't tell) .. I'm seeing my primary this week. What should I be asking aside from what this may be caused from. I would think a sleep study would be in order.?? Ideas? Thank you, Sandy
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If your drop in sats to the 70's lasted for much of any time at all, you probably would benefit from either a CPAP or an oral appliance to correct for sleep apnea (either one to be used in addition to, not instead of, your nocturnal o2).   A sleep study is generally quite expensive, and, since you already know that you are desaturating, I'm not sure that you need to have a sleep study unless you have other symptoms that suggest that you need a sleep study to check for other conditions (for instance restless leg syndrome).  I hope this helps.
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