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Nodule found on lung (asthma patient)

Mom was complaining about it being hard to swallow sometimes and the doctors though it was allergies.  They have her an X-ray and a CT.  The doctor said she had a nodule on her lung.  Mom has had asthma since she was 15 and take med's for it.  She was recently raking leaves when all this started to happen.  She has been fine for years.  I've looked up sypmtoms of lunch cancer to try and calm my fears, but she doesn't any signs.  We all eat like crazy, no blood and she's not coughing.  Has shortness of breath, but not sure if that is because of the asthma or this new nodule.  Any suggestions to what it could be?
Thank you for your time :)
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A nodule is usually a small, round shadow seen on chest x-ray anywhere in the lungs.  A chest CT scan is usually the next test that is done because it is more sensitive and shows more detail than a chest x-ray.  The shape, smoothness, and density of the nodule will be seen on the CT scan.  This will help in determining what this could be.  If your mom has had previous chest x-rays or CT scans it would be helpful to locate them.  Then her doctor could compare them with her most recent chest x-ray and CT scan.  The comparison could be most helpful to her doctors, in interpreting these findings and the significance of the nodule.

Nodules are due to infections, inflammation, or tumors.  Nodules that are 1 centimeter in size or smaller are very unlikely to be cancer.  A nodule that will eventually grow may be unchanged for 6 months.  The important thing is that it has not grown after 6 months.  As long as your mom feels well it is reasonable to repeat the CT scan in 6 months, again in another 6 months, and then, if no change is seen repeating the CT scan 2 years from when the nodule was first discovered.  Only if it has grown would more testing be done to know what the nodules could be.  When the nodule has not changed for 2 years it is considered stable and no further testing would be needed.
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Thank you for the information.  It helped Mom out alot.  

She got her results from the office today.  "No suspicious activity."
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