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Obstructive Lung Disease Plus Reflux and Vocal nodules

Six months ago, April 06, I started having green sputum every morning. The doctor said not to concern myself, since it was going away during the day.  In Sept. it developed into a cough at nights. In Oct. I went back to the doctor and was put on Flovent and albuterol and antibiotics.   I'm a professional singer and the dryness made me so hoarse, I could barely speak.  I stopped taking the flovent and albuterol.  The anitbiotics made the green sputum disappear.  A week or two later, the green came back again with coughing. I was put on more antibiotics and prednisone.  After that,  I had one week of feeling normal, and then started coughing again,  was out of breath with lots of clear sputum.

I went to a lung specialist who did the breath test and a chest x-ray.  He said I had some kind of obstructive lung disease but not sure what yet.  He put me on albuterol, prednisone and foradil aerolizer. My x-ray showed a fracture in the upper thoracic area and he also said there was a shadow.  He took blood. I will see him again in a week. I suppose he plans to review my progress and the results of blood ect. to give me a diagnosis.  

My question is: what can this all be? I have been on 40 ml. of Nexium for almost 4 years, and now am taking all this other medicine and right before I went to see the lung specialist, was told that I had very, very tiny nodes on my vocal cords.  

Can all of these things be affecting each other?  Where does one thing begin and another end?  I'm naturally very worried about the "shawdow" on my x-ray.  

Can you help.

Thank you,
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a positive skin test only means you have been exposed to TB sometime in your life and have developed antibodies to it. It does not mean you have TB. I would talk to your doctor about the results. You could have been exposed a long time ago. He or she could follow up with testing such as a CT scan or MRI that will show TB if it is present. The other place that I have heard of TB is in the bone( spine in the case I know of and that is not contagious)Hope this helps.
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