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Obstructive or Restrictive Lung Disease?

I had a spirometry test a couple of weeks ago and my results are
FEV1:                         1.39 (Actual)      2.4 (Predicted)        57% of predicted
FVC:                           1.96 (Actual)      3.0 (Predicted)        64% of predicted
FEV1/FVC ratio:           70% (Actual)      80% (Predicted)
PEFR:                         362 (Actual)       359 (Predicted)

I suffer from asthma (have for many years but always controlled) and use a serotin 250mg inhaler twice a day and salbutamol when required, however I have had 3 nasty chest infections in the last 3 months and I am now feeling breathless (hence the spirometry tests) a lot of the time and have tightness in my chest (like my chest is in a vice). My doctor has received the results of a recent chest x ray and has informed that it is clear and shows no masses, no hyperinflation etc.

What is wrong with me?

Do I require further investigation/tests? If so which ones?
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It sounds like your asthma is not controlled right now for whatever reason.  It could be the colds/infections just taking a while to really clear.  You should use your rescue inhaler exactly as prescribed for a while (around that clock).  You may need to discus increasing or adding an inhaled corticosteroid for the time being.  You may also require some oral prednisone as a last resort.  You should return to normal after proper treatment.  

It could also mean that it is time to step up treatment on a regular basis.  You may wish to see an allergist or pulmonologist to see what changes need to be made to get you back on the right track.

Feel better and God bless.
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Thank you for responding to my question. I am hoping that it is only my asthma taking time to respond my treatments (I forgot to mention that I had just completed a course of antibiotics and prednisone a week before the tests) and when I return to my doctors in July my function tests will have improved.
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