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Open lung biopsy

I am 53 years old south east Asian man. I have never had fever, headache,,joint pain or TB. But I have been coughing for the last about40 years. Just dry cough. No blood ever. Till 2007 I have been playing tennis daily. I can still walk as much as I wish but cannot exert because that causes shortness of breath. Cough is now getting severe. By profession I am a judge and I have never smoked. No alcohol and no drugs ever. My Doc says you have idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. I had oral broncos-copy but doctor wants me to have an open lung biopsy. I am scared. Can some body guide me if this procedure or surgery, what ever it is, safe and without any complication. I am a law student in Canada and want to finish my last year next April. I apprehend that this surgery may delay my education. Is there any way out to avoid it. Isn't CAT scan sufficient for the diagnosis. Is it possible for the doctor to start medicine without this test. I want to avoid it. please advise. Nasir
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