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PFT FVC normal, RV / TLC high? confused, concerned.

Hello, I'm really hoping someone can shed some light on my situation.

I'm a 37 year old male, 6 ft, 150 lbs, never smoked.

In August they found nodules on my lung in a unrelated xray, which I've been following with a pulmonologist, my last scan was a couple weeks ago and so far things are looking "stable".  They sent me for a PFT a couple months ago, and I just went over the results with my Pulm doctors nurse practioner (my actual doctor never even came in during my appointment).  She said all my numbers are next to perfect until we get to my RV / TLC levels and ratios. She said it was "moderate" and thinks i should get a rescue inhaler, but my insurance didn't cover it and she didn't have any samples to give me, so she didn't really address much otherwise and sent me on my way saying she didn't really know what's going on, it might be early stages of copd, as I do not look asthmatic from my results.   I have a very high level of health anxiety, I overworry everything and I know it adds or creates symptoms.  I have experienced  a few bouts of not being able to properly inhale air after going for some aggressive jogs.  It was scary enough once to make me think maybe I had to go to the hospital, and now that I've been told I have "moderate air trapping" I feel like I'm focused on every breath, analyzing it to see if I feel like I'm breathing enough. I can't live under these conditions, so I'm trying to figure out what I should do at this point, as my next appointment isn't for another 6 months.  Any info, advice or experience is GREATLY appreciated.

Here are a few of my key test results:

FVC is at 95% pred
FEV is at 105% pred
RV is at 184% pred
TLC is at 112% pred
RV/TLC ratio is at 167% pred
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