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This discussion is related to phlegm in throat.

Go see a well qualified chinese doctor. He will cure all of your phelgm, your digestive disorders.. everything!

I had a problem with phlegm, spitting up gobs of white mucous all the time. And I couldn't eat; my stomach would cramp up

According to chinese medicine, i had too much dampness in my body. check the color of your tongue. if it is coated white, you have a problem too.

You are imbalanced, and a qualified chinese doctor will fix your problem. I have my life back now, I am so happy.

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i have phelgm in my throat but after oral sex - can they sort that out too?

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Finally, I think i have figured out why I have all the symptoms that people described earlier.
I was diagnosed with signus infection (throat full of phlegm all the time, coughing and sneezing sometimes). I had it for about past 6 years, didnt know what it was so never could explain to the doctor properly. Everytime I just got medicine for cold and thanks to internet. I finally described all symptoms to doctor and got diagnosed with signus infection (constant throat flem or phlegm, sneezing & coughing, white tounge and bad breath, chest uncomfy sometimes with acid reflux or heart burn)....

Was given a nasal spray which made some difference, but wait.... I asked myself why I have to be allergic when my wife and kids live under the same roof, and I have to be on medication? OK then I started to connect pieces of puzzle and bingo.
I cam from Pakistan to Canada about 7 years ago, all I used to like was pizza, fast food and lots of other junk (no exercise), so started getting heart burn, which caused acid reflux and activated my body to get in to defensive mode. Then came signus infection because my immune system started defending my respiratory system because of mucus created in my chest due to acid reflux, so that was it.

Why doctors wont explain in that details and keep you on an allergic medicine for rest of your life????
Well it has to be industry trend, why not solve the issues that make your body extra sensitive to smell and food so your body could protect itself?? instead of forcing to feel insensitive using allergy medication and acid reflux medication???
Please people, change your diet and do exercise... Drink a lots of water, in fact I drink at least fifteen sips of water every hour by the clock at day time... eater fibre in your diet ...
it all starts here at health canada's site http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/food-guide-aliment/index_e.html

Think about it people, why i got allergies in cleanest environment of okanagan valley, canada at peak age of 26, while didnt get allergies in Pakistan ( one of the most polluted cities)...
Its only the diet you gotta correct...  
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