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PLEASE help me

I was diagnosed more than 2 years ago with COPD, the doctor simply gave me some med and didnt gave any importance to that. Last year I moved to another city and i ended in the ER for stomach problems and w the test the COPD appears again, the doctors here where notify but didnt did much about it, finally I end at the pulmonary doctor who sent me a CT scan, the results say that I have scars in both lobes in the down part and also in the right lobe, but ALL the rest is normal, the CT scan dont give any conclusive diagnostics but becuase of the scarring sound more like a Pulmonary Fibrosis, this is making my life hell, I suffer PTSD.OCD, panic attacks and severe anxiety, this las weekend I left my daughter in a hospital because she is severely ill and ALL this together is making me completly untestable ,in panic and sick, Im trying to understand why they dont gave a diagnosis in the scan??? I talked to the doctors office and one told me he cant give me any answer by phone but also told me that there was the COPD but he really dont want to say much, the other doctor sent me to a psyquiatric doctor because of the terrible panic attacks Im having. Do you thing is any hope that this can be only COPD???? Thanks
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any answer? any help here please ?
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