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I've had trouble breathing for a month. I'm an asthmatic but through X-rays, blood tests and EKG's we've ruled out the cardiac possibility and it is not asthma related. I hear a deep sounding wheeze sometimes, I also have hoarsneess with with some flem. It could be due to nasal congestion but could this also be a form of Pleurisy? or would they have see that through the tests?
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No, this is not pleurisy.  Pleurisy is chest pain that occurs with breathing.

I can’t speculate what is going on with the limited  information you have provided, but  I am not convinced, regarding  your shortness of breath, that cardiac disease and asthma have been ruled out as the cause.  

Your having trouble breathing for a month is worrisome.  The cause of this must be determined with reasonable certainty, if appropriate treatment is to begin.  You may want to consider requesting a second opinion.

Good luck
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