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Pain in Diaphragm Area after Sleeping

This does not happen every night, but is pretty common.
Some mornings I wake up with a soreness in my abdomen/diaphragm area.  It feels almost the same as when I've done crunches or something.  It hurts to breathe, turn, laugh, etc.

Has anyone experienced something similar?  
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I have the same problem in the morning!  I have had worsening trouble breathing and I am wondering if this is caused by labored breathing while I am sleeping?  Sleep apnea maybe?  Hard to say.  I am 36 and have been to many, many doctors and all tests are normal and yet breathing is getting worse.
Did anyone ever find a cure for this? I have suffered the same thing for years...
I've been dealing with pneumonia for about 4 months now and have rib pain that is exacerbated by lying down. I've been told that this is pleurisy, which is an inflammation of the lining of the lung that makes it difficult to expand the ribs and to breathe. this may not be what you have, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
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Have you also felt difficultly breathing? In general I feel as though my abdomen cannot fill with air or push up correctly.  Once I felt as if there was a tight band around it for 3 days.  And each morning I wake up with a sore abdomen which subsides after breathing normally after waking up.  But in general, difficult to breathe.  I can't stand my ribs having any pressure as it makes me feel like I really can't breathe.
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