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Pains when breathing

I'm only 18 so usually things are put down as being usual but this doesn't feel right. I keep getting an extreme pain under my right breast. It is off and on and the pain varies. Sometimes can be more painful when breathing however not always the case. Sometimes the pain can also be on my back about 20cms down, 15cms in, same pain as my chest. I also find that when I stand up whether it be slowly or fast I get really dizzy as if I'm going to pass-out (i know this is common with people but may link to my problems) and I find that even when sat down I can get really spaced out and quite confused like that feeling before you're just about to pass out but without the dizzyness, kind of like when you are drunk.

However what really concerns me is since I was about 15 until last year I used to self harm by overdosing. It was never enough to kill me but it was always above the maximum dose and it was never the same medication (i.e. paracetamol, ibuprofen, vitamin tablets, hayfever tablets). I was never treated for this and did see a doctor a few months ago but she said it would have washed out of my system by now and it was panic attacks I was getting. However I'm not sure I agree and obviously I'm quite worried of any internal failures. I don't want to waste a doctors time after I've already been given a diagnoses and I feel as if I may possibly be overreacting and this is infact normal for my age. But I was looking for a second opinion.
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These symptoms would not be a result of any medication taken some time ago.  This is definitely not a "normal" symptom for someone your age, or any age. An evaluation of it would not be wasting anyone's time.  You should have a careful examination of your heart and lungs and your blood pressure (seated, standing and lying down). You need a chest X-ray and EKG.

The symptoms you describe could be panic attacks but, without further evaluation, one could not say that with any certainty.
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Panic attacks should never cause you to faint because it raises bp and heart rate. While you may feel dizy and lightheaded you will never pass out. Also in order for it to be a panic attack you must have at least 4 symptoms that peak within 10 minutes but may last for over an hour (palpitations, fast heart beat, sweating, cold clamy hands, numbness tingling in hands and feet, chest pain or discomfort, fear of dying or losing control, theneed to escape).

I would get checked out again by another doctor and maybe get an EKG and if he feels the need a tilt table test.
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What you might be suffering from maybe  is pleurisy

Pleurisy (PLOOR-iss-ee) is caused by swelling and irritation of the membrane that surrounds the lungs. It is usually a symptom of another illness. It is also called Pleuritic Chest Pain.

Pleurisy can develop from many things, including bacterial or viral infections of the lungs (such as pneumonia), TB, lupus, chest injury or trauma, a blood clot in the lung, or cancer. Sometimes a cause cannot be found. Doctors call this ideopathic (id-e-o-PATH-ik) pleurisy. Even though the cause isn't known, the problem can still be treated.

The hallmark of pleurisy is severe chest pain that starts suddenly. The pain is often strong or stabbing when you take a deep breath. It usually subsides or disappears between breaths. It's usually felt on one side of the stomach area or lower chest. Deep breathing and coughing often make it worse. You may also have a fever, pain when moving, or fast, shallow breathing. Typically, you will be able to point to the exact location of the pain. In some people, the pain spreads to the neck, shoulder, or abdomen.

While your doctor looks for the cause, you will get medicine to ease the pain. This will help you breathe more easily too.
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I get a pain in my shoulder when I take a deep breath.  Laying on my left side increases the pain.  My shoulder also just feels uncomfortable.  Not a constant pain but more like pressure or tenderness maybe in joint.
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