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Panic attack after smoking weed ??

I was smoking weed ... N i was happy ... I was laughing n all.. n suddenly i got panicked .. my heartbeat was running so much fast... Feeling like I'm going to die.... Pressure on chest ... Can't breathe properly .. i was very worried... Then i sit alone n playing games on ps4 even my heart was so much pumping... I want to divert my mind then in 10-15 hrs i was okay.. but now after this i dont know what is happening to me .. i feel chest tightness ... Problem in breathing not extreme problem in breathing... I dont know ... When it will become to normal ... I tried nebulizer also but not working ... Wht shuld i do shuld i wat to week..
Or u guys tell ???
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I did this also when I was 15 but much worse. Yours is anxiety attack like mine was. It actually started my anxiety attacks iv had them since then on an off I'm now 26.
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