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Patchy Interstitial Infiltrates

Hello ALL,
I have been experiencing occassional shortness of breath for over 10 years, which became exasperated in 2007.  Hospitalized for 8 days.  First dx: blood clot in the lung.  2nd dx: (after treament did not resolve the problem) adult onset asthma.  Was on prednisone, advair, atrovent and proventil (nebulizer) and a pill I can't remember the name of for over a year.  After constant wheezing and several PFT the Dr. concluded something was wrong but  it was not asthma.  He did a bloodtest to look for signs of sarcoidosis but they came back negative.  He stopped looking for the problem.  When my adrenal function tests became deficient and I started experiencing symptoms of adrenal insufficiency, I stopped all medications.  Because of the fatigue and pain I went to see a Rheumatologist.  I was diagnosed with RA and Fibro & prescribed Methotrexate & Folic Acid & a variety of pain pills that I couldn't tolerate because they either made me sleepy or nauseated.  After 3 months, I stopped the MTX due to adversive side effects.  
Two weeks ago I went to the ER for blood in the urine and hospital order abdonminal CT scan, which revealed patchy interstitial infiltrates? (The previous week I had what I thought was a cold/bronchitis and began taking Airborne, Mucinex,and Vit C.  I felt bad but went to work every day.)  My PCP said I didn't have the "garden variety" pneumonia and referred me to a pulmonary specialist.  The specialist wouldn't directly answer my questions of: What are patchy interstitial infiltrates? and " What do they indicate?"  He kept saying he didn't want to scare me but he ordered the following tests:  special blood tests for conditions that can affext the kidneys and the lungs; gallium lung scan, chest x-ray (to look for fluid); another CT sacn and a lung biopsy.  He did a PFT in the office which rvealed "restriction" but no "obstruction".
Can someone explain to me what "patchy interstitial infiltrates of the lower right lung" could suggest/indicate in light of all the other information?  Are all these tests necessary?  PS, I'm 51 y.o./non-smoker.  I'm an Assistant Principal at a NYC Dept of Educ. elementary school.

Telling me, you don't want to scare me only concerns me more than I might need to be.
Thank you.
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