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Peritonsillar abscess

i had a Peritonsillar abscess just before xmas.  i didnt no what it was, just thought it was a sore throat as i had never heard of it.  it got so bad i couldnt open my mouth, talk or even drink water.  i went to the doctor who sent me to a&e straight away. i got nervous n threw up a few times on  my way and ruptured it myself before they had to do it.  it keeps coming back, sometimes slowly and somtimes i will just swallow and i can feel it. if i do this i take one voltarol dispersible and sometimes it dosnt come then.  i had one course of penicilin vk and they didnt work so then i had 3 courses of augmentin, they kind of worked.  at the min it feels like it is comin bak and im very worried.  i am taking flucloxacillin at the min for an infected fingernail.  could these help the Peritonsillar abscess as it says on the packet "can be used for abcessess".
also i have had 3 courses of augmentin, one course of penicillin vk and this is my third course of flucloxacillin, could this be damaging me or lowering my immune system? this is all from the start of December.
also i have been gargling salt water everyday and take echinacea. and try not to  drink too cold stuff.
thank you.
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