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Permanent Post Nasal Drip

Hi, i'm 23,f, and I suffer from very unpleasant case of permanent post nasal drip, have had it for over 6 months now. I am quite positive that it developed due to my former excessive use of cocaine as I often had sinusitis and similar problems. Obviously due to this condition I ceased using and also had to cut down on my smoking, which are probably the only good things that came out of it.
I have tried several standard procedures,e.G. Nasal sprays, nasal wash, anti-histamines, steroid sprays,nothing has really made any difference, steroid sprays caused me nose bleed so i had to stop using.
It feels there is something in my throat so I have to cough all the time as if to clear my throat,when I cough it's kind of dry cough that nearly makes it feel like there is actually something in there, my tonsils feel weird most of the time (tho not inflamed or sore,just Weird) and I can actually feel the mucus accumulating there at the back and it's really thick and hard to swallow.When I breathe deeply I can hear weird wheezy noises coming from my throat(not chest),from around the area where the cough comes from.These noises are really the most disturbing part of it, it's a little worse when I lie down like to go to sleep and lie on my back,it feels like if something was partially in the way of breathing and because I hear this strange noise I often can't go to sleep for hours.
Is this normal for this condition? Is there any link between PND and throat cancer? Is hydropulse any good?
I havent seen an ENT yet cos i live in UK and must wait 4 months 4 an apt.
Thanks a lot!AvineX
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It is most likely that these symptoms are a result of a chronic inflammation that has occurred in your sinuses that may have resulted in a chronic sinusitis.  Unfortunately, your last statement about seeing an ENT is the best recommendation that anyone can give to you.  It is important to have a CT scan of the sinuses and see what is going on there.  A chronic sinusitis can give you much of what you are describing.
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Hi, I just wanted to say I also have had a similar issue for about 4 years now and I have had a cat scan and the post nasal drip is not sinusitis according to the ENT and Cat scan. I don't understand what else it would be and have not really been able to get any answers. With this PND I also developed  breathing problems which worsened over time then got better with antibiotics( prescribed by my Pulmonologist).I tend to get more respiratory infections now :(   However, I have been sick with a cold this past week and have had the same problem with the mucous sitting in my throat. When I sleep it sometimes seems to drain into my lungs or upper thorax area irritating my cough reflex (?)                                                  It seems the problem is more in my throat than in my lungs. I have been diagnosed as having Vocal Cord Dysfunction and Acid Reflux in spite of being a very healthy eater for years though and as far as the VCD, My insurance doesn't cover therapy and I am not sure what else to do besides breathing exercises.  I do and have done the sinus cleanse for years and that helps but sometimes it doesn't help when I have a cold ( it helps with an actual sinus infection)...
I am sorry to hear you have to wait so long for your appointment. You are young and maybe this is something that can be cleared up for you ...I have a friend who was concerned about the same sort of damage, and he did not have any from the prior drug use. This could have possibly happened anyway? Good luck to you :)
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i had the same problem for more than 10 years and it progressivly worse from mildly annoying to delibilitation. At it's worst I would not be able to sleep without waking up choking on mucus - when that happened i must have stopped breathing for a bit first and hen i got woken I had a terrible headache, racing heart etc... very frightening. it was being suffocated.

Sinus problems were excluded by way of a CT scan. The allergist found i had a mild reaction to pollen. I told him I suspected a relationship between symptoms and food, but he wasn't interested and said to come back for allergy shots (for $3000). ker-CHING!

I eventually managed to identify the cause for me to be a reaction to corn products. a tiny amount of corn flour made me cough and spit for 12 hours or so. The bread I used to buy had cornflour as an additive. By swappnig brands and avoiding anything with corn I am back to normal. I can tell after one bite whether something has cron in it so I'm still senstive.

I've had a blood test done to test for an IgE to corn but am still waiting for the results. If there's not an IgE reaction indicated I will get some blind challenges done - I am sick of GPs thinking it's in my head.

I also find that apples, bananas and melons give me a similar problem.

I avoid any food with 1422 additive which is 'modified startch' - this may be from corn or maybe another starch - I don't take risks. If it says tapioca starch then I can eat it fine.

I spent years trying to use steroid sprays and antihistamine tablets. They didn't really work and the side effects were annoying.

I eventually learned to use a liquid antihitamine to get me through those odd times when I've eating something without checking the contents. I find one milliltres of Claratyne does the trick. The normal hayfever does is 10ml but I don't need that much. I had been using Zyrtech but found it contained something else that casued a reaction - either corn syryp sweetener or saccherin as a sweetener. Saccherin also causes me the same problems - I can't use normal toothpaste or chewing gum containing it.

long story over - please consider food allergies or other forms of allergy and don't give up, or put up with treatments that don't work well. I can be a challenge identifying food causes through elimination. I got desperate enough to try any method. i recommend finding a professional who is expereinced in food related allergies to guide you to a swift and happy resolution.

all the best
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Hi guys, thanks a lot for your comments, I have to say I find much more helpful the replies of people here than the advice that the doc gave me. Go and see an ENT. Cool, thanx, like I didn't know that.
You see I am not sure whether I got this PND due to cocaine use, it is just my most likely assumption because I can remember exactly when it happened, it was when I just got a really bad cold and at the same time I was with friends in a 'party' mood and taking excessively. This I reckon could have damaged my sinuses or something and caused this reaction. It could also maybe be a damaged septum. I will just have to wait and see for that.
I used to get slight hayfever, but somehow I don't think that was the cause of it. And as far as I know I do not have relevant food allergies, tho I have noticed that when I drink wine it tends to get a bit more irritated. I use saccharin but I've used that for years so don't think that would be it, and I also wouldn't like to use sugar instead.
Alan, yeah typical the docs don't listen at all, it was the same for me. I practically autodiagnosed myself with PND, from researching the net. My first doc gave me cough syrup (...), then I changed the doc and I got a steroid spray. When I looked into it it was obvious that steroid spray was not the right treatment for me as I had no allergies neither a noticable inflammation in the nose. And also I got nose bleeds from it.
And when I said this to the doc it was like talking to the wall. I mean, as a GP he knows generally about most conditions, but because I have this, I have made a detailed research on this condition and probably know more theoretical stuff about it.
So in the end he referred me to the ENT, and as I said, 4 monhts waiting list...
But I have to say, I hope I won't blow it by praising it too soon, but I have bought the HydroPulse Sinus Irrigation device, and so far only used it for two days, but already I notice quite an improvement. (Beyond compare to any other treatment I tried.) I can go to sleep without having to cough my guts up, and although I cough still during the day it's not so much of a dry cough, it seems to be actually clearing.
Maybe you should check it out. It claims to help with allergies, too. It is rather expensive in the UK but it is an American product so half the price there.
Good luck guys and take care!
xx Avine

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i have had this problem and did not go away with antibiotics only made me worse and i have had my tonsils taken out and everything else now i dont know or understand what could be causing this to happen to me other than being wrongfully diag with something else and no one understanding it or what is going on i dont understand but anyway people need to not guess at your condition and try to help you instead of just diag you like you are a fool anyway i hope you get some help anyway on you post nasal drip.
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Just make sure you are not working or living in a place that might have mold.  That is how my problem first started.  I still have the chronic sinusitis from this initial exposure, but I was way worse in that building.

Has there been water damage anywhere?  Is the building old?  

Just a thought.  Good luck.
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I am in desperate need of advise, thoughts, suggestions.  My husband for several years now has this chronic condition of always trying to clear his throat from excess mucus.  Also, sometimes has this these sounds coming from his throat or chest.  Sometimes his attacks are worse than others.  But this is a 24/7 problem for years now.  When he sleeps its ok and hasn't disturb his sleep. But sometimes its starting to.  Here are the things he as tried and done so far; Chest x-ray negative, a tool of some sort stuck through his nose to check throat and negative.  He has tried Nexium, sinu Cleanse wash, TUSSIONEX, Claritan D, Asthma medication.  Nothing has cured this nightmare.  I am worried about COPD.  Is it possible to have COPD and have a chest x-ray that came back fine?  HELP
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Hello everyone, I appreciate you all sharing your experiences. I have suffered from this same condition for years and only recently diagnosed myself when I read the accounts of others that described my symptoms exactly. (constant accumulation of mucus at the bottom of my throat, constant clearing of my throat to expell the clear, jelly like substance. - sometimes it's greenish yellow in colour! - Worst in the morning or after eating.)
I believe this began approx. 8 yrs ago after I underwent surgery on my nose to correct a deviated septum, I feel my ENT specialist/surgeon screwed this up as I my nose is constantly scabbing inside and has been doing this for 8 years now. Consulted a GP about this once and dismissed his prescription for steriods as I felt that would be a waste of time, thanks to some of you who have been there and done that to no avail - I know I was right.
The only time I've noticed some relief or improvement in my condition is when I eat a diet very high in raw vegetables(lot's of salads), however it is quite a challenge to maintain that diet when running two businesses and working 16 hours a day. I am going to try the nasal flushes to see if that helps (any suggestions on the best way to do these?)and try to maintain the mostly raw food diet and oh yeah - stay away from dairy - very mucus triggering.
Thanks for your time and keep your comments and suggestions coming.
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I have suffered from post-nasal drip for approx six years now. I have seen specialists in many areas of medicine beginning with breathing/asthma specialists, stomach specialists and currently ENT.
This problem is a 24/7 condition and is hard to live with and often embarrassing as I have to carry and spit into tissue at all times. Symptoms are worse in the morning and ease up slightly later on. (I am lucky to have a very understanding and supportive fiance).
After many years of messing around with doctors who just don't know anything it seems...I was found to have acid-reflux and have had an operation (nissen fundoplication) to correct this which has stopped me from vomiting but post-nasal drip has not improved.
It has now been found that I have a deviated nasal septum and allergies to pollen and mild dust allergy. My ENT specialist (?) advised that their would be no reason to correct deviated septum as it must be allergies causing the problem, I have researched and found that a deviated septum can cause the drip and have since returned to my GP and demanded it to be corrected by an operation known as "septoplasty". (Look out for one nostril passage wider than the other!)
I am confident this will rid me of the problem but will have to wait and see!
Hope this helps others who suffer like me!
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