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Persistent cough and right lung pain

Hi, I am writing about a problem both myself and my 11 year old son are having.  We've both been to our doctors but nothing is being resolved.  My son has had a persistant cough for approximately seven weeks and I have had it for approximately four weeks.  The cough consists of severe coughing bouts and then, for the most part, we're fine in between these bouts.  My son has seen the doctor three times so far...first time they said it was a viral infection in the windpipe, the second time they said it was a lung infection and prescribed antibiotics and the third they said his asthma was playing up and put him onto a preventer inhalor.  None of these treatments have helped.  I have the same problem and have also seen the doctor twice and been diagnosed with the windpipe virus the first time and lung infection the second time and put onto antibiotics.  Again, the antibiotics haven't helped me.  To add to this, I now have severe pain in the region of my right lung, where they said the infection was, and slight pain around my left lung.  My son is making very distinct whooping noises when he coughs but the doctor has said that it definately isn't whooping cough (although he hasn't heard him coughing).  The previous two doctors he saw said that it definately wasn't asthma.  I'm becoming more and more concerned due to the amount of time that has passed and the severe pain I'm now experiencing.  Neither of us really produces any phlem when we cough and if we do, it tends to be very clear.  Any help or information would be very greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
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Cough is a very common and yet difficult problem.  It can be caused from allergy, postnasal drip, and upper airway problems, such as sinus infection and/or inflammation.  It can also be caused from the lower airways, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma.  The key to managing a chronic cough is to find out the cause.  This may take CT scans of the sinuses, lung function tests and x-rays.  Without a thorough evaluation, it is really a "good guess" from the history.  I would suggest working closely with your doctor(s) to determine the cause so that you can both be started on the best treatment to eliminate this persistent cough.
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i can't help with what it is but I had lots of chest pain that defied diagnosis - it turned out to be caused by the coughing either irritating the internals or straing chest muscles - I had ongoing post nasal drip caused by food sensitivites (gluten, dairy, soy) and learned to removed the mucous before it had the chance to go down and make me cough. Another time I also had bronchitis from coughing and a simple cough suppressent gave the lungs a break so they could heal - and the cold I had went away after a week.

the real problem sounds like a nasty unusual virus. I hope it resolves itself in a few weeks. What other commonalities are there between you 2 - obviously you could have shared the virus through coughing etc. Possibility it's a common food that you both react to (like my problem)- but probably not.

I'm react to some pollen and fruits with similar protin structures - mellons, bananas, etc.
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Neither of us has any allergies and both are generally very healthy.  Everything about these illness's are the exact same, apart from the pain that I now have.  Even with this pain, there are still sometimes when I feel perfectly fine.  If I find a comfortable way of sitting, the pain fades and I feel perfectly normal until the next coughing fit comes on, which can be anything from a few minutes, to three hours later.  It's all very weird!  Any input from the meds or technicians would be appreciated, thanks :)
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Hi and thanks for the reply.  We both had chest x-rays taken on Wednesday and are waiting the results.  Both still coughing away merrily lol.  The ''right lung pain'' I was experiencing was in fact muscular damage due to the force of the coughing and Diclofenac has helped that a great deal.  The newest diagnosis we've both been given is Tracheitis although we don't have any problems at all with our throats.  They've now stopped giving us treatment as I think they've pretty much exhausted their options (two courses of antibiotics, two courses of steroids) so looks like it may just be a case of waiting till it finally goes away unless the x-rays show something up.  Thanks again for the reply.
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I have the same problem with you, though mine is worse coz its been 4 mos already.  My right chest pain begun just 2 weeks ago and its very painful whenever I cough.  Been consulting with my doctor but he said it might be asthma and gave me medication but didn't do me good.  I was supposed to undergo chest x-ray but unfortunately I can't coz Im pregnant.  Been trying to fight it though taking up vit.C twice and eating more citrus fruits but nothing happens.  What was the result of your x-ray?  Im very interested to know coz we might have the same problem.
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I am a non-smoker and have had a persistent cough now for about 8 weeks.  I have had a chest x-ray but that is clear.  I have never had a cough like this that has lasted such a long time.  It makes a rattling noise and I do produce phlegm but is clear and thin.  Sometime I get the most awful tickle in my throat which makes me cough. Inbetween bouts I am fine but I do wake up a night.  I have been on three courses of antibiotics and nothing helps.  Could this be a virus?  I keep hearing about other people suffering from a long lasting cough which they just can't get rid of.
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I have been fighting against a similar problem since mid July, so now 2.5 months.  Initial sensation in throat (not sore), followed by horendous bouts of coughing, which left me gasping for air, at times wretching and gagging. I became unable to tolerate foods that were crumbly.  These made me asperate, and cough further to clear airway. Initially not productive and if then clear.  This has been followed by productive,green phlem (abundant and thick. Yuk! Cough subsided, but not gone. I have constant irritation in throat, pain in right side of back running up under my arm (intercostals!?.  Have seen 3 doctors, am on my 2nd dose of antibiotics and now a nasal spray for 'nasal drip' latest diagnosis.  Have also just had chest X-ray (awaiting results).  Was told that a viral cough, similar to Whooping cough had been going around community in which I work.  Some of my coworkers have also had this, but seem to have finally recovered.
My general health has always been good. I don't smoke, am usually very fit. Now find myself short of breath, tierd by mid day and exhausted after a days work.
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I got sick on 9/18 with what seemed like the flu - felt very nauseated, chills, weak.  Felt better after a day or two but then bad again - took Zithromax and felt much better 2 days later.  Meanwhile, my children got sick, my sister started getting sick and about 6 days after feeling much better (though not 100%), I felt pretty bad again.  This time, I had a dry cough, weak, chills, low grade fever and chest pain (as if I'd swallowed a hard candy or two) - and back pain - same height area (lungs), only on the back --very scary.
Went to doc and they said perhaps bronchitis - another bout of Zithromax antibiotics and felt much better after a couple of days - however, the dry cough, though not very often, and the chest pain comes and goes still... I notice that when I drink lots of water and/or eat something (sandwich or whatever), the pain in my chest and my back gets less or goes away.  I have hours at a time with no pain at all... it seems to really come back in the evenings.  I had a chest x-ray (first one was inconclusive, as they thought there were nipple shadows)-- am awaiting results in two days.  In the mean time, does anyone have any ideas?

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Well, I too would Like some feedback.  For 10 days now I have had a persistent wheeze in my right lung only.  No fever, no excessive congestion, etc. I have been surrounded by plenty of ongoing flu at my workplace for over 5 weeks.  I visited a clinic doctor who diagnosed walking pneumonia, and put me on a 7 day course of levequin (sp?). 4 days later no improvement (actually a little worse), I visited my family doctor who listened to my chest, concurred with the original prognosis and also prescribed a puffer.  He did have CBC and Xrays ordered ( results not back yet).  Now ten days in I feel the same, except excessive coughing is giving me headaches and I wake up in the mornings and my sputum has blood in it.
I quit cigs 13 years ago but am a pot smoker - when I have it i smoke daily for a week or two and when its gone, I go off for a week to three or more.  Helps me sleep (I have suffered from insomnia for a decade).  Stopped smoking three days before onset of my present symptoms.
Lung xray from 4 months ago was clear (when I was in hospital for a broken arm)

Any ideas?
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