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Phlegm In Left Side of Throat, Left Nostril Constantly Clogged

28 year old male, 125-135lb, 5'8", 1 pack/day smoker, daily marijuana use, recently went through 4 rounds of antibiotics in 4 months :/

This all started on the right side for a couple weeks, then moved to the left and has stayed there for around 3 months at this point.

This isn't just a feeling, the phlegm is there, I cough it up from time to time. Or maybe its only there some of the time, and just feels like it is all the time. When I eat food it feels like it veers to the right to go down my throat. My left nostril is clogged 95% of the time, on the rare occasion its relieved the throat relieves with it. Burps feel like they dissipate in the chest/throat alot of the time. A few lymph nodes in the neck/under jaw/left side between ear and jaw (not sure if parotid gland, masseter muscle, or something else) are slightly enlarged. The jaw is slightly tender (if I touch it, I'd rate the pain at 0.5). Also feels like my left ear is clogged, very rarely I get a popping sensation with no particular rhythm (doesnt mimic heartbeat, pops are between every 5-20 seconds and lasts for 4-8 hours so far).

I've been to head and neck, ENT, a host of general doctors/nurses/dentists, nobody can tell me what's going on. Thry blame allergies and GERD/LPD, but only effecting one side of the throat/nasopharynx sounds impossible. Especially since I sleep on my right side a majority of the time.

I'm at my wits end. I'm pretty sure the clyndamicin did way more harm than good, allergy pills do nothing, GERD meds do nothing. Please help. I'm constantly clearing my throat and coughing. The right side feels perfectly normal, except for a few lymph nodes that were enlarged (and one hurt the very first day, out of 3) but have shrunk.
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That sounds really annoying.  First, hate to say it, but you need to stop smoking like yesterday.  Chronic issues like this are not unusual from smoking.  Not sure if you will need to go to an alternative way to get nicotine or THC but they are currently available.  I had similar issues as you have with your ear when I had eustachian tube dysfunction.  I got vertigo/dizziness as well too. It was all pretty terrible.  My tube was crushing in on itself.  My ENT had me do reverse ear pops which fixed it.  You hold your nose and gently blow, repeat over and over. It pops your ears and cleared my tube after a couple of days.  Antihistamines help too (I took over the counter clariten). When I feel it happening now, I always take the antihistamine/ the clariten.  Not sure why you have one swollen nasal/sinus cavity.  I have had that but it switches from side to side.  Usually as I'm recovering from getting sick.  Have you ever heard of a netti pot?  Try one.  It can help with sinus issues like this.  But globus sensation feeling of gunk in throat can be directly affected by smoking, so consider that as part of the problem. Gerd does contribute to it too.  I'd keep taking the reflux medication. Hope you fee better soon.
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