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Phlegm and vocal chord problems

I have all of the symptoms of everyone else...constant phlegm in my throat, and my vocal chords seem to be affected.   The doctor says it is allergies and has me on Allegra.  That helped a whole bunch for months, but now it is back even worse, even though I am still on Allegra.  I tried Nasonex too...I have a cough too and I feel like a good antibiotic would clear it all up, but the doctor says no.  I just want to feel better .  Some of these entries are old...why not write again and tell us what you did to get relief.

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HI Trish, I don't know which posts you are reading but there are some about thick mucus in throat on my page that you can check out. Maybe you would find helpful. I can say this though......doctors do not know what it is when it's mucus or phlegm in throat. They have no clue what to do. I have had it now for nearly a year and a half. I thought this was a long time, but I have found others that have had it even longer. Maybe that's why nobody has posted again, they just gave up. I have in a lot of ways. I had tons of ex-rays and medicines that didn't work. I am still at a lost of what to do, so if you figure it out, let me know.......
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You and Dakotawinks are in the same situation as me!  I have had this "yuck" in the throat for sooooooo long!  The doctors don't know what to do.  Of course, antibiotics are out!  (Sigh),  It is really difficult to cough all the time and not be able to talk--especially when you have to hang on to your job!  Are you as exhausted as I am?   By the way, I have taken allergy shots for quite awhile, and I am also taking allergy meds.daily.  It always seems to visit me in the fall/winter months regardless of what I do.
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So my "incident" started a little different. I choked on a green bean, yes I said a green bean, and was rushed to the hospital and it dislodged itself. Since then, well over a year ago I have had scopes put down my throat, through my stomach, into the intestines, have had my lungs scoped and scrubbed and rinsed. I have been diagnosed with GERD, Asthma, COPD, early onset Emphasima all with absolutely no confirmation of those diagnosis just the doctors "best guess". I have had the doctors and nurses call and yell at me and tell me to grow up and get over it, I have been put on dozens of different medications with no relief. I have racked up thousands of dollars in medical bills just to be told it is all in my head. I am begining to wonder if I will ever eat right again, because between all the phlegm and coughing I feel like it is not safe to put anything down my throat. GRRRRR. I just want to feel better as this is taking its toll on my husband and four children. So just wanted to say I sypmathize with you plight and hope someone somewhere finds a doctor that is creative, because with doctors such as one ENT who told me "either get better or get deader", we are all in trouble!
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