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Pleurisy and Enlarged Lymph Nodes

I was diagnosed with Pleurisy yesterday, after having chest pain for a week.  Note:  I also have Crohn's Disease, so I am stuck with the pain because I can't take Nsaids.

My CT scan came back with a couple things about lymph nodes, and I just want to know if it is normal for them to be enlarged with pleurisy?  I get worked up because I lost my father to lung cancer, so of course when I see this, it concerns me.  Here are the parts that made mention of the lymph nodes:

Lung parenchyma: Lungs are clear, except for mild scarring. A small 3-mm nodule is noted along the right minor fissure (SP -11), consistent with a lymph node. No suspect nodules or areas of consolidation are seen. The central airways are patent, without endobronchial lesions.

Mediastinum: Borderline enlarged right hilar lymph nodes. Residual thymic tissue is noted in the anterior ediastinum.

Upper Abdomen: Scattered small nonspecific mesenteric lymph nodes.

I am assuming all is well since they didn't want to go through any further testing, but all the nurse would say is that "he diagnosed you with pleurisy" when I questioned the lymph nodes.

Thanks for ANYONE'S feedback!
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