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Pneumonia- questions!

Hello :) I just got diagnosed with walking pneumonia in my right lung (he said it’s pretty significant) but I don’t have any symptoms except an off and on low grade fever and I’m a little extra exhausted. No cough or anything. Is that normal???? Is there anything I should be watching out for to know if it gets worse? I started a z pack and he said call me Monday if you don’t feel better because he’d want blood work and x rays. But I hardly feel bad to know if I’m feeling better. Should I not go to work? Idk if it’s contageous. Ive had the fever for at least a month but maybe more so idk how long I’ve had this. So curious!  (I’m a 25 year old female if that matters at all)
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I can't answer your other questions, but I would strongly recommend that you stay home from work as much as you can, and if you are able to telework, do that for as long as you can. You need to rest to help get rid of it and going to work, even if you have a desk job, is going to prolong your illness. I'm month 4 of my bout with pneumonia and every time I go to work I have a recurrence of my symptoms, so I'm doing the sick leave/telework combo these days and feel very fortunate that I can, but have still burned through 100 hours of sick leave (again, I'm fortunate to have sick leave built up). Good luck!
Thank you! :) I feel much better now! My temperature is still higher than it ever is (around 99.3 most of the time) so my dr ran a bunch of tests but didn’t see anything so he’s not concerned. I think it’s odd because my normal temperature is in the 97 range. Even when my husband and I both get sick and he has a 103 degree fever, I still don’t go above 98.9. I’m concerned that something is wrong but my dr isn’t so it must be fine
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