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Pneumonia still there after antibiotic treatment?

For the past month i have been coughing, fatigued and generally not well overall. After about 3 weeks, i went to the doctor because i had lower left rib pain from too much coughing and pink sputum. He took a chest x-ray and determined that i had pneumonia on my lower left lung lobe. He put me on a 10 day antibiotic regiment. I started to feel well. Fever and chills were gone. Left rib pain now dull. After my treatment however (just one day!), my cough hasn't stopped, the pink sputum came back in full force (specially in the mornings) and i could feel a new pain on my right rib. Does this mean the treatment was not effective? I do have a scheduled appointment with the doctor tomorrow. I just want to know if someone has had the same experience as i am having now.  
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Often a bacterial infection is followed by a mycobacterial infection (bacteria without cell walls) , which are resistant to most antibiotics except the fluoroquinalones, such as Cipro. There are many antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria around these days. Ask your doctor for an opinion when you see him.
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