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Pnumonia not improving, health good

In 2000 I contracted pnuemonia and after a short stint in the hospital it was gone with some lingering asthma. I have some infrequent flareups with the asthma primarily due to allergies. My question is:
after toughing out a cold for appx five days I broke down and went to the doctor on 31Dec2007. After an assessment he ordered an xray and using "highly technical terms" came back and said "your lungs look fuzzy and we think you have pnuemonia." he prescribed levoquin to kill the infection, cough medicine to relieve symptoms and an inhale to make it easier to breathe. after completing the 10 day regimen i have gotten markedly better, ie the flu symptoms are gone, however, my xray which i have had two consecutive (one a week since the initial(3)) is not getting better, it still shows the same "Fuzziness." how long does it take to clear or will it? I still have shortness of breath after strenous activity though it has improved (i can go upstairs without being winded). but the xrays show no improvement. true it has only been 19 days from initial diagnosis and 9 from completion of drug regimen, however i am concerned that there may be permanent damage. I guess the real question is even if it is permanent damage, what is the chance of regaining full or at least compensatory use of the remaining tissue and what can i do to improve?

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