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Possible Fibrosis

I am a 41 yr old male (smoker.. recently quit)I have been sent to a see a specialist about my recent test (appt in 6 weeks). My PA thinks it might be Pulimory Fibrosis. These are the results from the tests. Should I be worried about this being Fibrosis or could it be something less severe. I had small regions of atelectasis or scarring in previous xray. I dont have a dry cough or any breathing problems and have not lost weight

(Chest Xray)
Linear densities in both lung bases have progressed slightly since the
prior study.  These have the appearance of bibasilar atelectasis or
bibasilar parenchymal scarring.  There are no pneumothoraces or pleural
effusions.  Low lung volumes were obtained but the heart may be
minimally enlarged.  The hilar structures and pulmonary vascularity
appear normal.  There are no bony abnormalities.

Slight interval worsening in the bibasilar densities since the prior
study.  These densities most likely reflect atelectasis.

(Plumoinory Function test)

The patient exhibits good effort performing the forced ventilatory
maneuvers. Spirometry values demonstrate mild reduction in FVC, FEV1,
but normal FEV1%. The FEF25/75 is mildly reduced. Lung volumes as
determined by body plethysmograph analysis demonstrate borderline
reduction in TLC with normal RV and RV/TLC ratio. Diffusing capacity is
in the low normal range.

IMPRESSION:  Borderline restrictive ventilatory impairment. I note the
clinical diagnosis is bibasilar atelectasis which could account for
these changes. Clinical correlation is recommended.

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Your borderline pulmonary function tests (PFTs) are probably normal for you.  This can be confirmed by comparing these results with any PFTs that you have had done in the past.  Your chest x-ray changes are not typical with pulmonary fibrosis.  You have noted that you are not having any breathing problems as a result of the atelectasis or scarring, but you should see this as a warning to never smoke again.

At this time quitting smoking is the most important thing that you can do for yourself!  Congratulations, you have made a wise decision to stop smoking!  You may want to look at our Quit Smoking Topic Center at http://www.nationaljewish.org/topic/smoking_cessation.html for ways to help you stick with your wise decision to smoke no more.  Also check with your doctor for other quit smoking resources in your area.
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This was the first chest xray 9 months ago

Frontal view of the chest shows fine fibrotic atelectasis or scar in the
right lung base.  Heart and mediastinum are not enlarged.  There are
some calcified granulomas in the left hilum.  The pulmonary vessels are
not distended.
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