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Post Nasal and Mucus Throat disaster Cures?

I am a female and for the past few years have been suffering from post nasal drip that seems to sit and collect in my throat. Sometimes it feels as if it comes from my nasal, while other times ear draining also towards my throat. Its difficult to explain, and perhaps odd. So I am forced to share in hopes I am not alone. I have excellent dental health. Yet, while my breath does not smell, an odor IS emitted from somewhere in the back of my throat. I Visited the ENT doctor who writes it off as allergy. But, nothing seems to work. I know mucus is the number one contributer to diseases, so I am terrified of lung or throat cancers. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling as if someone is choking me to death. During the day this mucus remains in the back of my throat like a heavy film. I am a public speaker and this is damaging my life!  One ENT Doctor asked me if I had any nose surgery because my nose bone was slightly off. And I can feel the bone slightly elevated around my nasal passage. NO surgery and No accidents. But I did have a tooth removed directly under my nasal passage, which was exactly around the time this problem started. Any specialized Doctors in this forum??? I really need an answer.
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