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Post nasal drip making my life a living hell

Okay so basically this started when I had a chesty cough with a lot of mucus. My sister had tonsillitis and then once my cough went away I started getting tonsillitis symptoms. These symptoms started on Monday. I have a ridiculously sore throat because of excess sniffing and snorting of nasal fluid that's causing an inflamed post nasal drip. It's unbearable in the mornings and at night because phlegm gets stuck at the roof of my mouth above the flap and I can't blow it out and I can't suck it out by snorting. My nose is constantly blocked. There is pus on my tonsils and very weird circular bumps on the back of my throat. I also can't hear **** because my Eustachian tubes are BOTH blocked and I have a constant feeling of muffled sound and I've been unable to leave the house for days because of it, as I can't hear what people are saying and I feel I'm talking louder than usual.

This problem is making my life hell. I can't see my boyfriend because I can't travel, the nurse just told me to drink water even though I'm in excruciating pain in the mornings and evenings, and even my family is trying to get rid of me because of my snoring. This makes me feel helpless and disgusting as I'm trying everything I possibly can. I've garbled salt water, used a Neti pot, used beconase nasal spray, used vapour rub on my nose and chest, drank literally of water a day, taken he max amount of paracetamol and ibuprofens I can take in a day, propped my head up at night which causes nothing but intense neck discomfort and bad difficulty breathing, as even blowing my nose like the nurse suggested. I drink tea regularly which helps soothe but it doesn't last long. It hurts a lot to swallow so I've barely been eating anything since Monday. I've had soup and a lot of water and nothing has worked.

Can someone please give me advice on what I can do to ensure that this goes away as soon as possible? I've barely any sleep since this began and I am exhausted but tired of not allowing the rest of my household to sleep because of my uncontrollable snoring. College starts in 2 days and I'm afraid I will still have this ****** problem through then. Please please help me because everyone who was supporting me is now wanting me to leave.
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