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Prednisone and fertility?

I'm a severe asthmatic who has been on fourteen different medications including high doses of oral steroids and inhaled steroids.  I have not been off the systemic steroids in over a year, and most months averaged 35 mgs a day.  I'm on two inhaled steroids (Advair 500/50 one puff BID and Qvar 80mcg four puffs BID).  I'm not too worried about the inhaled steroids as I am in the systemics.  Will these high doses of systemic steroids inhibit my fertility as I get older?  If it's of any use, I'm an eighteen-yr-old female, five foot six (169.8 cm), 140 lbs (63.5 kilos), normal menses and I am not sexually active.  I have no health problems aside from this really severe asthma.  I am being seen at National Jewish and I'm on IVIG to try and cut at the steroids.  I have a low normal bone density.  My FEV1 is consistently in the fourties.  Is it possible that all this prednisone/medrol use can make me infertile?
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I would continue to work closely with your doctor at National Jewish Medical and Research Center.  Discuss all of your questions with that doctor.  Side effects of steroids, both short and long term, is an area of expertise at this institution.  This is your best resource.
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