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Productive cough for 3 months..

Hello, I am a 26 year old female who has no major health issues. The first week in November I developed this horrible constant cough that hurts in my chest, produces yellow sputum, and turns into coughing fits. I wasn't sick before this developed. The cough persisted so I finally went to the doctor in mid-December. The doctor did not seem very concerned and did not do any tests. She said it was probably just from a post-nasal drip and sent me on my way with a prescription of Promethazine. I called the doctor a week later and she gave me an antibiotic, doxycycline. I finished the antibiotics and was still coughing like crazy. This medicine did not help but because of the holidays, I didn’t go back to the doctor until the second week in January. At that time I saw a different doctor who prescribed me a new antibiotic (amoxicillin), a steroid pack, and an inhaler. She didn’t have me get a chest x-ray at the time because the x-ray machine was broken and she said she was pretty sure it was either bronchitis or pneumonia. I went back after finishing those medicines because I still was not better and she had me get a chest x-ray. It came back normal. At that point she sent me to an ENT, thinking it must be coming from my sinuses.  I went to the ENT last week and he said that my sinuses are clear. He put me on a medication for acid reflux to see if that would help the cough. I am frustrated and don’t know what to do at this point. I have also tried allergy medications to rule that out. It has now been three months since the cough started and I am still coughing up yellow sputum. I cough constantly and still feel pain in my chest and occasionally when I take a deep breath. Throughout this whole time I have had a little bit of a stuffy nose, but not much, however I am constantly tired and feel run down no matter how much sleep I get. There are always huge bags under my eyes and I’m having trouble concentrating. I didn’t have any of these symptoms before the cough started in November. I called the doctor back and told them I didn’t think it was acid reflux since I’m coughing up yellow sputum still, but they insist that there are no other tests that should be done. I’m a week into the acid reflux medication and nothing has changed. I also have allergies to cephalosporins, quinolones, and Biaxin. Help!
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