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Pulmonary Fibrosis at age 19

Im worried because i think i may have Pulmonary Fibrosis and I'm 19 . I feel short of breath all the time i cant fulfill a breath most of the time , my upper abdomen gets so tight and bloated which restricts me from getting an abdominal breath, breathing is a conscious doing 95 percent of my day without sleeping. Im fatigued all the time and i have had a collapsed lung about 1 month and a half ago.

Smoker of half a pack a day for the past 4 years but i quit for obvious reasons.
I think what triggered this was a double root canal treatment that was sloppy, I inhaled some stuff the dentist used for my teeth but then coughed it back up again. The day after that i started feeling shortness of breath which lead to an anxiety attack after that symptoms just got worse and its been 4 months since that root canal treatment and 2 months since my collapsed lung.

PS. i cant complete sentences from how breathless i feel . But it doesnt make sense that 1 root canal treatment issue did all that or lead to Pulmonary Fibrosis , wouldnt symptoms take longer to kick in and usually it has to be a long time exposure to something bad for your lung  and is common in older people unless it's familial which in my case , no ?? it doesnt make sense ! im really worried and hope it all has to do with the collapsed lung i had or something . Like maybe it all has to do with blebs and extra gas that caused the collapsed lung , i really do hope thats the case and please i want a good answer i really am at my wits end ! im seeing a pulmonologist in around 2 weeks for a spirometry test .
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I post only to help keep your post on page one of this community.

It is good to read you can sleep and that seems to my non-expert mind that you are able to get sufficient oxygen into you blood stream.  I know that my nasal congestion problems can wake me up and put me in a panic mode, feel like I am drowning - and I can breath through my mouth - so it is also mental with me.

I have a hard time following how you have so many lung problems at the young age of 19, of course no smoking is a must continue.  I am an x-smoker myself, but I smoked much longer and I think my lungs are still holding up well.  

Fibrosis is to my understanding not reversible and so stopping the spread must be critical.  

I'm just guessing, I hope not increasing anguish/worry.  Hope you have success with your doctor exam and think you should discuss what can be done to effect a long term relief, at 19 you need another 60+ years out of you lungs.
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I just want to correct something when i said '' breathing is a conscious doing without sleeping 95 percent of the day '' i meant that i sleep fine and this issue has never woken me up from sleep or affected it in anyway
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