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Pulmonary Fibrosis..test results

I have been dx'd with ILD.......and had some tests done. Here are my results? If anyone can help me to understand all of this, I am very wrried

Here are my numbers:

August 2006
Spirometry..post bronchodilator FVC 50% of predicted. FEV1 pf 57% of predicted (1.80 and 1.52 respectively), ratio of 84%. Total lung capacity of 4.13 liters. 78% of predicted and residual volume of 123% at 2.44 liters. Diffusion rate 32% of predicted, adjusted for hemoglobin. Flow volume showed a restrictive contour. Moderate to severe restrictive defect with severe reduction in diffusion capacity.

April 2007
PFt showed FVC 1.72 liters 52% of predicted, FEV1 of 1.11 liters 42% OF predicted. TLC OF 3.12 LITERS,59% of predicted, RV of 1.40 or 70% of predicted. Diffusion capacity 33%. Flow volume showed a restrictive contour.

CT of chest shows extensive fibrosis, predominantly peripherally as well as the lower lobes with also some evidence of honeycombing in the lower lobes bilaterally, Right heart does not appear to be enlarged. There does not appear to be any lymphadenopathy.

I was put on O2 24/7 at 2 liters.......in April of 2007. I just got this report from a pulmonologist who we went to for a second opinion. He has referred me to Shands to discuss transplant and my file is in their office right now to see if I might be a candidate. I am looking fo any inpot to helo me understand wat all this means.
Thanks Kathy
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