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Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Hi. I really need your answers :( You see, im not really knowledgeable of PTB. The doctot told my friend something like "minimal kochs infiltrates left upper lung, active". I just wanna know if how worse is this and if this can be cured. And if I can still be with my friend after the treatment :( is it harmful during and after the treatment? please, i want to know :(
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Tuiberculosis cannot be cured, however the infection can be sent into remission, contained, and the person can live a relatively normal life IF they follow the treatment protocol, which is long and difficult. With treatment, a patient will be non-contagious. Without treatment they represent a danger. At Bath Shipyards in Maine, one employee infected 256 others because he did not follow a treatment protocol.  You need to have your friend ask his physician whether or not the disease is in remission and he/she is non-contagious. Encourage your friend tyo meticulously follow the physician's instructions and never miss a dose of medication..
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thanks! i really needed that and thank you for answering it :D
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