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Pulmonary fibrosis and stage 1 empheysema, which is worse?

My 57 year old husband, smoker for 30 years was just diagnosed with stage 1 emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis.  CT w/ IV contrast came back w/ impressions:

1.  Hyperinflation w/ peripheral/subpleural interstitial scarring in both lungs, w/ widely scattered small parenchymal blebs, greater on the right side. Peripheral honeycombing w/in the superior segment of the R lower lobe.  Findings would raise ? of underlying idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

2.  Focal area of atelectasis occupies the posterior aspect of the R lower lung zone but no acute infiltration or other suspicious intrapulmonary lesion.

3.  Scattered hepatic cysts measure up to approx 1.3 X 0.9 cm in size.  Tiny cortical cyst of the lateral aspect mid pole right kidney.

What does all this mean?  Dr. took additional blood work but don't have results till this Fri.  Everything I've read points to a very poor prognosis, less than 5 year survival rate for PF alone, not including emphysema diagnosis too.  Does honeycomb findings indicate late stage PF?  What specific questions can I ask his Dr. so we can better understand what lies ahead for him?  Please help.  Thanks.
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The questions for your husband
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Went to Dr. today, said blood tests came back OK.  I asked what stage ILD and he said there isn't one.  Asked if the ILD was progressive and he said no.  But he wants him to have an annual CT scan and see him six weeks from today.  I'm still confused by this diagnosis/prognosis, everything I read says ILD is progressive.  Anyone out there get any similar diagnosis/prognosis confusion?  Thanks for any input.
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