Are Xopenex and Pulmicort compatable to mix in a breathing treatment?
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I'm not sure they mix albuterol with something else in combivent ipaptropium bromide
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do you find nebulizers help?  I've been using combivent and it doesn't seem to help my exhale wheeze that I've had since this bad infection in November that didn't respond to antibiotics

a lot of pulmonologists will recommend it
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Xopenex is beta-2 adrenergic agonist and Pulmicort is corticosteroid, although they are often combined in clinical practice, the concomitant use of beta-2 adrenergic agonists and corticosteroids may result in additive hypokalemic effects. Since beta-2 agonists can sometimes cause QT interval prolongation, the development of hypokalemia may potentiate the risk of ventricular arrhythmias including torsade de pointes. However, clinical data are limited, and the potential significance is unknown. Patients who are receiving systemic or nebulized formulations of beta-2 agonists, high dosages of inhaled beta-2 agonists, or systemic corticosteroid therapy may be at a greater risk of developing hypokalemia and hence best avoided.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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