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My 3 month baby had RSV when he was 6 weeks old, but since then, he has a phlegm sound, that is always there. His pediatrician already gave him some ventolin in a small dose to help him with his oxygen level, but he is always has phlegm and booogers, I don't know what to do anymore, I have to have the humidifier 24 hrs his taking his medice every 8 hrs, he is a happy boy, but he wakes up with his nose all congested and I have to be everyday like every 4-5 hours sucking his nose :( I am sad and I dont know what else I can do with him, any other suggestions  Please Help!
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It is clear that you are a good Mother, very worried about your son.  Your description of his continuing symptoms suggests that the lingering problem is limited to his nose and throat, not his lungs, which is what we have to worry about with RSV.  I also gather that, while keeping his nose clear is the main problem that he is, otherwise, not in any respiratory distress.  Also your statement that “he is a happy boy” is very encouraging, an important positive sign.  

I suggest that you speak with his pediatrician or the pediatrician’s nurse practitioner to convey your concerns and seek their reassurance that you are diligently doing the right things for your son.  They will be the best persons to decide if your son needs to be reevaluated or if you should just continue with the nebulizer and other measures you mention.

I strongly suspect that your son is going to be fine but you should contact the medical people who know him best for their informed opinion.

Good luck
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my daughter had the RSV and still kinda has it. but her lungs are clear. its been almost 1 month now. her doctor said that the next cold she gets it would most likely turn into the RSV again. but they gave her benadril. her doctor told me to get a humidifier and put it in the same room as the baby and turn or you could also turn on the hot water and get it steamy in there while you have your baby in there and that could help also, i did both of those thing with her and it helped alot!! also use salt water and squeeze it up your childs nose and suction it all out and do that before and after feedings and before bed also and when your baby wakes up . if your baby does not clear up in like 2.5 to 3 weeks then go back to the doctor asap and dont wait because it could turn into broncealitus or ammonia and breathing problems too if they dont get over this RSV. this is what my daughters doctor said to me and it helped alot!
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