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Rcent Wheezing

For the past 2-3 days, I've noticed that, "asthma-ish" feeling in my throat. Not my lungs. My lungs feel clear and its not even hard to breathe. I just have an annoying wheeze in my throat. My asthma has been great for months, ever since I moved to florida. I just started on my singulair the other day, and I am on astmanex 220mcg, I think.

I just got off of Amoxolcilin, due to a sinus infection. I cough up a lot of mucus, I feel it right now in my throat.

Could it be from my drip? or could it actually be my asthma again?


I used to live with my 4 dogs, a smoking mother, carpets, and cold weather, (in ny), and I got away from all of that and have been doing so well with my asthma. I don't eat good, and have acid reflux. Nothing has changed, so I don't understand why my asthma would be bad all of a sudden

I just started using my nasacort again too.

My Doctor in NY things most of my asthma could be due to stress too.

I have my emergency pump, but I don't want to use it just yet, because it makes me feel weird.


I am trying to get to my Dr. Tomorrow, and I made an appointment with a pulminologist in two weeks
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