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Reactive Airway Disease

My 3 y.o. Daughter has been diagnosed with RAD after having RSV once and Pneumonia twice and in between  all that she has had bronchitis and croup several times.  It all happens if she is exposed to weather or anything that can cause allergies.  She also gets a cold ten times worse than normal.  This morning at 1, she started wheezing and  coughing out of control.  We spent the weekend at a reunion in the cold wind. I think that is what caused it.  I think it's croup again.  And it's really scary cause she just got over the pneumonia.  Is there any cure or treatment or special rules I need to follow (besides the obvious) that I can change to make it easier on her?  I want her to have a normal childhood and be able to play with the other kids without getting sick every time.  Please help me out if you can.  I hope I explained well enough.  Thanks.
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